While pursuing through Instagram pictures (I am rebeccaruns if you wish to follow), and saw Meghann’s (mealsandmiles) picture of her lunchtime swim with her co-workers. I thought to myself “I wish I had a job like that”.

Then at 3:30pm, I realized that I do actually have a job like that! Since I coach high school track and field, I do from time to time get to spend time at the track rather than at a desk. Without getting into politics – coaching is a volunteer opportunity that comes along with being a teacher (note: I also volunteer my time with the local track club as well). Most of the time I spend with the team is after hours, but from this point on I spend one day a week at the track for the afternoon or full-day. If the weather is nice, it means sitting out in the sun, watching some track and cheering on/coaching some great kids. I also get to wear athletic clothes on those days 🙂


This is my fourth season with my current team. The year prior I coached at another school in another city, which included going to my first OFSAA championship (OFSAA is the provincial championship in Ontario). I started coaching after two weeks on the job. Hearing an announcement about track practice and decided to lend a hand. Somehow, lending a hand turned into being the main coach in only a matter of weeks. We went to OFSAA with two athletes that year in London, Ontario. The next year, we sent three athletes to Sudbury, and last year we had four go to OFSAA in Brockville. This year I am hoping to send at least five students to OFSAA in Oshawa.


Although the student-athletes work really hard throughout the season, we have some fun too. We eat lots of food (walking tacos and poutines are after race faves), have fun travelling (although not 2.5 hr drives in a school bus, never again!), and many LOL moments (A losing her shoes multiple times, the weird guy with the guitar in London singing an inappropriate song, ordering $75 worth of Boston Pizza for three people and eating it all, being mistaken for a student numerous times). Coaching the team rarely feels like work and every year I enjoy spending my time with them.


Tomorrow I am at the track for a meet and then the evening practice. It will be a kind of longish day, but it will be a great day.

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  1. Amy @ Writing While Running

    Awesome that you can wear sports clothes one day a week! That is definitely a perk of the job. I loved playing sports in high school (I did tennis and softball) when we got to stop for a snack after a game.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Now if I could find a job that allowed me to wear athletic clothes all the time, I would be set!


    I love pictures of people running on a track. Brings back great memories 🙂
    Walking tacos were a hit two summers ago when we were on a family vacation.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I don’t think I had a walking taco last year (Max was with me at all the meets) – going to make up for lost time this year!

  3. Nicole

    That does sound like a lot of fun! Teachers definitely work hard.


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