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Hi all!

Yes – I am alive!  My parents just texted me asking why I haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook today: mostly just been busy doing all the things that need doing around the house: you know scrubbing toilets, the tub, clearing gross crusty food from the high chair – you know, luxury things…

So this weekend I was at my parents house in Mississauga. They came back from Florida not too long ago, and brought back some goodies from Trader Joe’s!  The loot given was: Cookie Butter, a few packs of seaweed snacks, Champagne Pear salad dressing, Chocolate covered almonds, and Jelly Beans. I did have a few other things on my list like pumpkin-related items and tomato paste, but the pumpkin stuff is seasonal and the tomato paste is only available in California. Boourns!  I haven’t tried any of the items except the seaweed snacks. I don’t mind the snacks, but my Brother and Dad tried them, and they did not like them one bit! oh well!  I am very curious to taste the Cookie Butter – so many bloggers have raved about this product, so I decided to give it a whirl. So seriously – if you live near a Trader Joes, perhaps we can be pen pals? And by Pen Pals, I mean I give you money and you buy me things? Sounds good? Alright…..


My parents also bought me a box of Keebler Cookies – Grasshopper flavour! You cannot get Keebler cookies in Canada – so I tend to stock up when I am in the States.


Another American favorite is now in Canada – Target!


Canadians have been begging for Targets for years – and we are finally getting the store here in Canada. Target took over the leases of many of the Zeller’s stores (but not all, some turned into other stores including Walmarts). The stores in Ottawa are not due to open until the Fall/Winter (the Zellers close to me only closed last week). A few stores opened a couple of weeks ago and the openings have been a bit iffy. Since I had some free time on Saturday before robotics, my Mom, Max and I hopped on a bus to Square One to check out the 2-floor Target. Many of the bad reviews indicated a lack of staff and stock – but I did not find that at the Square One location. Staff were everywhere and all the cashes were open. Yes – there were a few price labels missing, but I found all the prices I needed. Everything seemed well-stocked to me. I took a look at the shoes, accessories  baby items, and the home goods. I definitely found some interesting pieces in the home goods section. Considering that I can actually shop for home decor items now (not like I’m going to bring a storage unit on the plane), I may make Target a priority stop when re-decorating. There was lots of shoes and accessories to choose from as well. My purchases included running shoes for Max, an infinity scarf and a new work bag.


I am fairly excited for Target to open here in Ottawa. I lives ridiculously close to the Orleans location – all I have to do is cross the highway and boom! Target! I was not the biggest fan of Zellers, so I am glad that I will have a discount department store only a few minutes away (Walmart is about 15 minutes away). I am also stocked that it will be within walking distance. Starbucks has teamed up with Target – so not only will I have a Target within walking distance, but a Starbucks too!  This could be dangerous…..

Alrighty – hope everyone had a great long weekend!  I will be back with this week’s installment of 52 Things!

What are your fave items at Trader Joes?

Do you like shopping at Target? If you are from Canada, are you excited for Target’s arrival?

Did you have today off?

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  1. Amy @ Writing While Running

    TJ’s is the BEST! I love their cilantro dressing and just about any good snacks they make. At Christmas-time, they had peppermint white chocolate covered pretzels that were amazing. Ah-I am on a no-sugar week so I cannot think too much about sugar treats this week 🙂 Target is always a disaster for me. I go in to get one thing and $200 later, I leave. ugh. Be sure to execute self-control!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      They have so many festive goodies! I want to try them all!

  2. Cecilia @ MommiesRun

    Sadly I don’t have a TJ’s here but I am way too familiar with Target. I always say that there is no way you can go into a Target and spend less than $100! I really like their workout clothes too! Have fun!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It shall be a dangerous store for my wallet for sure!


    There is a TJ’s in Prescott (about an hour drive from here) and I need to make it a priority to go one of these weekends. There are way too many of you TJ-lovers out there blogging about your goodies! I need some Cookie Butter!
    BTW ~ I am SO happy for you about Target. So very happy! 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      lol, yes I am happy too! YAY TARGET!

      The nearest TJ’s to me is about 4.5 hrs away in Rochester…blah 🙁

  4. Julie @ Sweetly Balanced

    Cookie Butter is definitely one of my favorites!! I also love their edamame hummus!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I haven’t tried that one yet – but I’ve heard it is good!

  5. jawemys

    Nice post about Target, but do not forget, Walmart put food on your table for the last 17 (ughhhhh) years.
    Ha ha. ( Went to Target ourselves on Monday )

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      yes mom…..

  6. TorontoRunner

    Hey girl!
    First, thanks for your sweet comment 🙂

    Also, I didn’t realize any Targets have opened yet!! My parents live outside of Toronto a little bit, and I’ve been with them a lot and heard the opening was April 5th. Is it sad I’m kinda really excited for it?? LOL
    I haven’t been to square one in a while either, I like it there!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Yup! They started opening a few weeks ago – Square One just opened last week. Haha – I used to work at Square One 😉

  7. beka @ rebecca roams

    Ohhhhh I have such a huge list of TJ items that I can’t live without. I actually didn’t like the seaweed snacks either. Thought they tasted terrible- tried the wasabi ones that a couple friends were raving about. Not my cup o tea. I do however, love love love that cookie butter. The microwave marsala meals are pretty tasty. I also like the curry simmer sauces and the horseradish hummus (but you’d have to take a cooler with you if you traveled by car) The pistachio toffee is good too… ok that’s enough.
    Target is on every corner here it seems – some have grocery stores in them too. Every time I go to Target for one thing, I leave with 10. Explains enough?


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