Max’s First Real Haircut

Today we had an appointment at MelonHeads to have a haircut for Max. His hair was unruly – sticking up everywhere no matter what I did to it. So, it was time for a haircut! I’ve given his bangs and mullet a little trim from time to time, but not a whole haircut. Melonheads is a hair salon specially designed for children. They have a range of services from a regular trim, to french braids, and all the way to ‘party hair’ (sparkles and wash out hair colour). Rather than squirm on a parents lap for a haircut, the children get to sit in special chairs, including an airplane, horse, spaceship and Thomas the Engine. Max chose Thomas for this haircut, yay! Melonheads also has its own range of hair-styling products just for kids, small toys/loot bag items for sale, and a bin full of toys to keep the kids busy if they have to wait for a moment or so. A haircut costs $20 – a little expensive maybe for some (honestly I’m not sure as I’ve had the same hairstylist for 4 years myself), but I think it was worth it. They took extra special care of Max, give him a little certificate with some of his hair at the end, and gave him a ride on the moving pony.


Max did very well, no tears! He did give the hairstylist a few weird looks though. “Heyyyyy, what are you taking from me?!?!”





Max’s favorite toy was the broom toy – yes, that is right, a broom!  He ignored all the other toys and just started sweeping up. The hairstylist said that they got them downstairs at the Dollar Store, so after the haircut, we purchased one just for Max. You want to get weird looks from other people – give your son a broom!  Of course I heard one kid yell to his Mom “awww, Mommy, I want to mop too!!”, LOL. Max would not let the broom go, so he walked through the mall with it, through the parking lot and screamed bloody murder when we tried to take it away in the car. When we got home, he promptly took it for a spin, cleaning up the house. What a nice thing to do!




The broom is just some kind of duster – but it is perfect for toddlers!  Teach them young, right???


Alrighty – as soon as Max is up, it is time for Home Depot!!! Woo?!?!


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  1. Mom

    Oh no, he got the “cleaning gene”…..

  2. Nicole

    Cute cut Max! I don’t think Audrey will be needing a cut for a year at least. Poor kid!

    I’ll be picking up a broom/mop for Audrey! About time she helped out with some chores!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      For sure! She has to do her part 😉


    I love that he took it everywhere with him! 🙂 So adorable!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      he is a cutie!

  4. Candace

    I have one word…….CUTE!!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      hehe 😉


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