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Hi all!

It is another Track Tuesday! Tuesdays = morning and evening track practices (different groups though). Morning was relaxing, while evening was not. Actually practice was fairly chaotic. But that happens sometimes. After track this evening I went on a short 3K run. I do not run in the dark, so there is limited time to get out there and attempt a decent run before the light is gone. I managed to have a fairly steady run, holding at a 5:36 per KM pace. This is the pace I need to stay in to PB on my 5K – We will see if I can hold it for 5K or not. I’m very comfortable at the 6:00 zone – so trying to break it has been a struggle. So – my strategy is to start at the beginning and build my way back up to 5K going a bit faster than my usual pace. Not sure if this will actually work, but we will try!

I have the Ottawa Race Weekend 10K in 34 or so days – yikes!  Although I know I can “jog” that distance – I’m very uncertain that I can do 6:00 KM’s for the whole race (I’m not even going to attempt the 5:35 pace). I’m hoping to start running longer than 5K long runs on Sundays again.

So for Tuesday’s post this week – I figured that I would give you 5 tidbit pieces of info about moi!


Tidbit #1 – I do not do my own taxes.

It is tax season and as usual I have no clue. Prior to marrying P, my Mom did my taxes – and the first year that we were married we used a computer software program. Now, P has to submit an American tax return (we have a rental property), and the first time we attempted to figure out the taxes was a nightmare. So – now we have a fancy dancy accountant that plugs in our numbers for both.

Tidbit #2 – My Events in track and field

When I ran track, my events were the 100m, 100m hurdles and the 400m hurdles. Sometimes I dabbled with the 200m and 400m, but in my system you could only compete in three individual events – my strongest were the above mentioned three. I also ran in the 4x100m relay


Tidbit #3 – I hate ironing and dry cleaning

I just simply won’t do it. This is probably what results in the inability to dress myself in anything really professional. My suit jacket has been sitting in the “dirty-dry clean pile” since November. Ironing is just annoying. Usually, if something has a crease in it, I stick the item of clothing in the dryer to freshen it up a bit and then put it immediately on.

Tidbit #4 – I only own sports watches

I have a Timex regular sports watch and a Garmin. I have no fancy watches at all.  The Timex watch is my “everyday” watch and I really only wear it during track season. Otherwise, I have no use for a watch – I always have my phone on me.

Hello pretty Garmin

Hello pretty Garmin

Tidbit #5 – I drink my tea black

No cream, no milk, no sugar – all of those = yuck. However, I do like flavoured teas, like DavidsTea – plain ol’tea is a tad bit boring for me..



Tell me something about you – something unique or unusual

How do you like your tea?

What style do you possess? If any…..


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  1. Mom

    Boy, could I give your readers more tidbits about you…..but I won’t……

    1. Stephanie@nowirun.com

      I love this b/c my mom would have posted the SAME THING!

      1. Rebecca (Post author)

        Hehe 😀

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Holy mackerel you are SPEEDY! Wow!! I am actually relatively stylish (that’s one part of my life where I almost always have it together). Something unique about me: I am TERRIFIED of horses..like it’s an irrational, almost crippling fear. It’s ridiculous, actually.

    I like my tea with no sugar really either, but I will drink flavored teas or I will add honey. Honey just makes me feel so soothed.

  3. Cecilia @ MommiesRun

    Great workouts! I like my tea plain with a little honey. I also love chai tea lattes! My style is the sporty mom style. I wear only workout clothes or scrubs! Except for date nights with the hubs!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      If I could wear sporty gear every day, I would – I definitely have “sporty style” hehe

  4. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    Um. You’re fast.
    I like Passion Tea…
    Someone else would certainly have to speak to my style. I don’t THINK Stacy and Clinton would stop me on the street 95% of the time, but as to what style I have…

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I would totally want to go on What not to Wear – because I don’t know what to wear half the time 😉

      haha – I would say I’m average speed – but trying to get a bit faster 😀

  5. Julie @ Sweetly Balanced

    I don’t like tea but I have a serious coffee addiction, and I drink it with cream and sugar (Even bigger problem) My style is either a dress or jeans and a t-shirt no really in between. I like dresses because they are easy to put on its one outfit and you are done! all of my friends are super trendy and wear adorable little outfits, but I just have no idea how to put something together.

  6. Emily

    I don’t do my own taxes, either. The husband and I have this sort of unspoken agreement – I don’t complain that his clothes lay all about the floor, and he does all of the taxes and car maintenance. Deal.

  7. beka @ rebecca roams

    I like my tea plain as well – or just a lemon slice in it. no sugar/cream.
    I have ZERO style. I’m trying to “learn” though…

    Interesting tidbit – I HATE to go to bed with wet hair. I despise how it makes the pillow damp.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I feel like so many of the runner/food lover blogs could also have a subtitle of “but has no fashion style but athletic style” 😀 We all seem to be in the same boat haha

  8. K

    I’m the same way with ironing: I use the dryer! And nothing I own needs to be dry cleaned. Glad I’m not alone!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Definitely not! There seems to be many of us this boat.


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