Week 13: Take a Picture Everyday

Yes – I did skip a week – it will occur at some point, but things with my final project from my class from hell took priority. I also have to re-jig this week as “Make a Dessert with Bacon” has already occured. I could make another interesting dessert? Suggestions?

This week’s installment is “Take a Picture Everyday”. It may seem that I do take many pictures in a day, but I don’t really. There are days that I don’t take a single picture. Even more shocking – there are weeks that I don’t take a picture of Max *gasp*.

Anyways, here is my attempt at taking pictures! Pictures were taken either on my iPhone, my Canon Point and Shoot, or my Canon T2i DSLR



My Chili dinner – topped with avocado and shredded cheese!  YUM

photo 1


Tuesday Track Day – This is round 2, indoors at the local dome for evening practice.

photo 2



oh look, I am back at the dome again – this time with my school team for a small indoor meet. This is my view lying down on the turf watching the meet (the dome makes me sleepy).

photo 3



Max waiting for his plane at the airport – he was playing peekaboo with a stranger at this point.




What I did all weekend – went to a FIRST Robotics tournament. Happy Easter Break?!?




Seen at the Robotics tournament! Ahhh killer robots




Since we were travelling and it was a holiday – takeout Easter Dinner had to happen. We elected for Sushi dinner by Sawa Sushi (highly recommend!). My tummy was happy!

 photo 4

 That is all 🙂


I do have more robotics pictures, but those will be posted in a separate post!

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  1. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    I think it’s official. I’m allergic to guac, too. 🙁

    That photo of Max is precious!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)



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