Week 16 – Eat a Shawarma

Happy Saturday!  I had a long day today with gymnastics and an interview (nothing big – google regulation 274 if you want to know more). Anyhoo – giving blood did not work this week as we were a little busy and also had some vehicle difficulties.

This week’s edition of 52 New Things




First off, it is difficult for me to spell shawarma. No idea why – but I’ve spelt it wrong every single time I’ve attempted to type the letters. Shawarma places are all over the Ottawa area – there is a restaurant really close to my work, but I’ve never ordered a shawarma. Shawarma is preparation of meat where the meat is put on a spit and rotated while it cooks. To get a serving of the meat, one shaves it off from the top layer. The meat underneath then continues to cook. I always thought for some weird reason that it was a special smooshed meat that one would buy at a shawarma place. It is not – it is just chicken breast (or whatever meat) layered all together (thank you Drive-ins, Diners and Dives for that knowledge). To serve the meat, you can have it on a plate with vegetables or in a wrap with assorted veggies and sauce (most common way to eat it is with a pita)

Since we got home at 9:00pm Thursday night after the car issue and I had not eaten dinner, P went and picked up a shawarma for me. For whatever reason he picked up a large shawarma – I wasn’t that hungry!  I made the mistake of unwrapping the shawarma from its wrapper and diving it. After a few bits I had a mess on my plate, so I ended up eating it with a knife and fork.




It was really tasty – but in all honesty, I didn’t care for the meat. It had really nice flavouring, but the meat seemed a bit dry to me. I’m guessing it might not have been the freshest meat offered that day – but I would have rather had a veggie or falafel wrap. Actually – next time I will be getting a falafel wrap – I love falafel!

So – that is this week’s challenge!  Next week I have to read the Great Gatsby – oh jeez….

Have you ever had a shawarma?

What is your take-out food of choice?

What are you doing this weekend?


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  1. Julie

    Hi Rebecca!

    I never had a shawarma (I had to scroll up to see how to type it right ;)) but it looks tasty! too bad the meat was a bit dry 🙁 And in my opinion, you can’t beat a good chinese take out!

  2. Brittany

    I’ve never heard of shawarma! HA! I would have loved the veggie falafel wrap too. YUM! Now you know!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)


  3. Emily

    Hi! I used to get lamb shawarma at a restaurant by our old apartment, it was delish! But I think you have to watch out where you go; the method of cooking is a bit tricky to avoid overcooking the meat.

    I haven’t read The Great Gatsby since high school! I recall liking it, but don’t really remember the story. I’d better read it too before the new movie comes out.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I was supposed to read the book in English class, but I never actually read the book. I even wrote an essay on it – calling the Gatspy the entire time

  4. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    I’ve never even heard of this “shawarma” business!
    When we get food to bring home It’s usually pizza. I do love Chipotle, though. Mmmm…

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      No Chipotle in my neck of the woods 🙁 Hubby loves Chipotle!! I have yet to eat at one

  5. Brooke @ Running In Heels

    I’ve never heard of that but it looks good!! 🙂

  6. Emma @ a mom runs this town

    Never heard of it but I’m a brave eater so I’ll try anything! What a cute babe you have 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      thanks 🙂

  7. Cori @ olivetorun

    I love your 52 things in 52 weeks idea and list! I may have to try that out.

    Also, I cannot WAIT to see The Great Gatsby… that will be a theatre visit for sure.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Do it! It is fun to try new things 🙂

  8. Nicole

    I love Shawarma! I don’t get it that often but I always enjoy it.

  9. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    What’s the difference between a shawarma and a gyro? The idea sounds the same to me! I am a HUGE falalfel fan and I LOVE making my own 😀

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Gyro is Greek food while Shawarma is Lebanese…..so spices maybe?


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