What I’ve learned while running

Happy Monday!

I came up with this post last night after learning something very important about running, in relation to what I should not be eating prior to a run 🙂



1) Going out for a run can make me feeling better or more alive in the evening

Some nights I really don’t feel like running or exercising at all. I just want to grab a bowl of ice cream and watch television. You all probably know that tired, lazy feeling that you get in the evening. I find that going out for a run, even a short one, helps rejuvenate me and allow me to get a few more hours of work in.

2) Eating an ice cream sundae, prior to a run is an extremely bad idea

This was last nights lesson. Extremely bad idea when you already have a sensitivity to milk based products.

photo 2

No no!!

3) A race is not a time to try out new athletic wear

One word: chafing.  Some athletic clothes just rub the wrong way and there is nothing more annoying (and potentially painful) than clothing rubbing during a long distance race. I have a running skirt that does this – just not the outfit to wear during a 10K

surprised the tutu didn't bother me much during the race

surprised the tutu didn’t bother me much during the race

4) Purchase more than three sports bras, and always have a spare lying around

Another lesson last night. I will admit to owning only 3 sports bras – I’m slowly building my collection, but they are pricey! Yesterday was laundry day and all my sports bras were wet when it came time for my evening run, whoops! Wearing a regular bra while running is just as bad as eating an ice cream sundae before a run. Halfway through my run, I remembered that I did indeed have a back up sports bra tucked in my dresser.

5) You can run without music, and sometimes it is better that way

For the past couple of weeks I have not run with music on. During the later evening, at dusk, I do not run with music on for safety reasons, but evening middle of the morning runs I rarely listen to music. I kind of feel that listening to music during a race gives me an extra boost during a race. However, saying that, I also like running the bigger races without headphones in because it is nice to listen to the crowd cheering you on and encourage you to just keep running. I will never forget one race a couple of years ago that I stopped to walk and immediately heard my co-coach screaming “what the hell are you doing? Run!!!” on the sidelines.

6) Finding proper footwear is important. Buying shoes because they are pretty is not the way to go

Last year’s injury was brought on by poor footwear. When I was just running 1-5Km, it didn’t matter as much, but once I started running more than 5K regularly, I felt nagging pain in my ankle from footwear that wasn’t appropriate to my feet needs. After being in pain from KM 7-10 during the Ottawa I promptly took my bottom to The Running Room and was fitted for proper shoes. Injury went away!

Pretty shoes!

Pretty shoes!

7) Cotton shirts are not for running

Every time I’ve run a race or just gone for a run in a cotton shirt, I’ve regretted by wardrobe choice. Tech shirts all the way!

8) Headbands are a requirement

I really do not like my hair flipping about and getting into my eyes while out on a run. I have some Lululemon bands, sweaty bands and a “WTF – Where is the Finish?” headband. I may colour coordinate with the rest of the outfit….

One of my fave bands is in my school’s colours – blue and orange!

9) You need fuel to run, but do not overdo it

There is a fine line between needed enough food to get through a run, and eating too much food that you want to barf. I cannot run on an empty stomach, but too much food (and too much of certain kinds of foods) = stomach upset. I do like eating energy chews before a race, but a few hours prior I like to eat a meal with pasta or rice. During a race, I am not a fan of sports drinks, but prefer plain ol’water.

10) You CAN run

Ending with this piece of motivational advice. Back in the day, I was unable to run a mile. I always thought (and sometimes still think) that I am not much of a long distance runner. For my first 5K, I thought I would finish in 40 minutes, not 33 minutes. At one time I thought that I would not be able to run a 5K without stopping. I also thought I would never be able to run a half marathon. But I did. This year I am hoping to get a bit faster in all three of my races (5K, 10K, and half) and maybe dabble in a wee little marathon action. Who knew this former sprinter could run more than a mile 😉


What are some of the things you have learned?

When is the last time you surprised yourself?

Who is your biggest cheerleader?


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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    You are not alone in only owning 3 sports bras. I’m trying to build up my collection, too, but they’re just so so pricey! But, like good running shoes, they’re worth the investment.

    I’ve learned that many of my obstacles are mental and not physical and that if I can overcome the mental blocks, I can run, run, run! This goes for treadmill runs too. I cannot get past that mental block, but I’m working on it!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I have a huge mental block when it comes to treadmills – it did take me a long time to actually go on one. I still cannot go more than 30 minutes on one.

  2. Jade

    I am on the list of people who learned no hot fudge sundaes right before running the hard way! Yes headbands are a must. My husband is my biggest cheerleader. Always, for everything 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      awwww 😉

  3. Kim

    Great post! The more I get into running the more I have started to think about what to eat before and after. I really struggle with this! I also continue to struggle with making sure I drink enough water!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It can be a bit tricky at first – You do need lots of energy to train for the big races. As they say, training for a half or a full marathon is not the time to diet! Ha – I totally take two waters at water stations, and I bought a water belt last year

  4. Kim

    I invested in a water belt about a month ago….it makes a big difference 🙂

  5. Julie @ Sweetly Balanced

    I still remember my early days of running and how much I’ve learned since then! I also remember running my first few 5Ks and thinking- how could anyone ever possibly run more than a 5k! Now I’m prepping to train for my first marathon! Oh, how the times have changed!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Hehe, I thought that too!

  6. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    This is a great post! Lately I have really been enjoying my runs without music, too.
    Your last “lesson” is so true. YOU CAN RUN! We all can! 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      We sure can!

  7. beka

    Totally agree with all of these! I too have a small sports bra collection since they are so $ and usually one is worn out by the time it’s time to replace them, so I have 3-4 that are on rotation right now.
    No cotton. EVER.


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