First Outdoor Track Meet of the Year

This Thursday was the first outdoor track and field meet of the 2013 season. We are still in pre-season for another week and a bit. The team has one remaining invitational before the high school season officially begins. We had a smaller group come out this week as a few of the boys had a rugby game and the outdoor ed program at the school had camping trips this week, which meant a few of the students had already missed a half-week of classes. The meet was held at the Terry Fox track out in Mooney’s Bay. The event was rather large, which meant that the whole day was a bit chaotic and ran very late (past 6:30pm). But it was fun!

The weather was sunny and hot that day. Sunscreen went on right away and numerous bottles of water were consumed. As I drove up I realized that it would have been a smart idea to bring one of our school canopy tents as Terry Fox does not have the best shaded areas. But hiding underneath the seats would do. Or, in my case, just sitting down right beside the stands. After a while the heat became more intense. I am glad I brought 4 different shirts with me, because I changed shirts three times (cotton, to a tech shirt, to a clean tech shirt for track practice that night).

In the afternoon, we had the hurdle events which meant I was “voluntold” to help out on the hurdle crew. Sprint hurdles went fine, but once the 300m/400m hurdles started, I had to head “up the hill” to run the club practice, so I had to “voluntell” my two remaining students to take over.

The team did well. We had a handful of first place finishes, a few PB’s and lots of effort from some newer members of the team. We still have lots to work on though in the remaining week and a bit before the season really starts.

Some pictures:

Whose spikes are these?!?!

Whose spikes are these?!?!




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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    How fun! I hope you guys get some nice weather that sticks around for a little while so you can enjoy outdoor track season!!


    I LOVE “Voluntold” and “Voluntell”
    That is priceless!
    I miss track and field. Spikes. I remember when I needed those!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I miss my spikes/sprinting some times – but I would probably hurt myself attempting to sprint a 400 or something like that 😉

  3. Sharsti@theblondehairblueeyedrunner

    I think I’m really intimidated by the track. Looks like a beautiful night and your spikes are gorgeous! Can’t wait to read more about the meets=)

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It isn’t that bad – but I don’t race on the track anymore 🙂

      Not my spikes – one of my students, mine are a way less-cool red and gold combo though!


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