Three Things Thursday

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Today is another Track Thursday – busy day at the track with our last invitational meet of the year before the big meets that start next week


Thing 1: Mother’s Day Run this Saturday

I’m pretty excited for this Saturday’s race! There are quite a few friends running this race and a few students! There is a Girls Running group at my school being organized by one of the phys ed teachers (the one that ran Boston), so a number of girls will be running the 5K. P is away at a conference this week, so a very kind friend has offered to come to the run with his nephew and have a little run around time. So, that means I will be attempted a run for a PB this weekend. It is possible!

Thing 2: Water Station!

Things are gearing up for the Ottawa Race Weekend – which means plans are well underway for our school’s water station. We are running one of the aid stations along the marathon route. I’m pretty excited about it. So far I have about 22 students signed up, a few staff and a few random community volunteers. It should be good times, but there is quite a bit of behind the scenes work. Not only do I have to go to a meeting on Wednesday, but I also have to scout out the area with the head organizer, talk to head of supplies and get everything ready/keep all the volunteers informed. The day should be a lot of fun! Except the part about being at the school for 5:30. Ew.

Thing 3: Track Today

The track meet today went very well – a few PB’s, lots of top 5 finishes and the weather held out! I am exhausted now thought as I was at the track from 10am-7:30pm. I helped out with the hurdle crew today, which involved the steeple chase. I totally put the steeples on too soon, but what do I know, I usually just watch the water element 🙂photo

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    Your race this weekend sounds like it is going to be a great opportunity to put it all out there. Next weekend I’m running in a 10K and I’d like to beat my time from last year and really race it. It’s a lot of hills and quite rocky and narrow (same trail as the color run) so it’ll be a lot of work.


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