Three Things Thursday – Running News Edition

Hi All!

Happy Thursday!  I am back “at the office” today, and pretty busy with things. But – there is always time for a little Three Things Thursday action. Today’s edition will focus on running news.


Thing #1 – CW at the track

We had our first elimination meet yesterday with the East Ottawa Conference. CW performed well with almost all athletes moving on to next week’s National Capital competition. CW will send 13 athletes, competing in 20 events and 1 relay. Well done team!

Yesterday’s weather was not ideal – with cooler temps, rain and even a couple cracks of thunder. One lightning strike was a bit close (I actually thought it was a camera flash), but after that one flash that was it and the meet proceeded on schedule.


CW working the triple jump

Thing #2 – Ottawa Race Weekend Water Station

After spending the day at the track, I went to a station captains meeting for those involved with the water stations for the Ottawa Race Weekend. Let me say that things are more complex than one thinks in terms of how to run a station!  I have to assemble my team for an information meeting tomorrow to go over what needs to be done at a station. There are procedures for everything from how the elites water is to be organized, to a flag system for weather conditions, to how to find “your kit” when you arrive at your station. Fun fact – the drivers who stock up the stations start loading stations at 3am in the morning the day of the marathon and hope that no one steals 1000+ cups!


Thing #3 – Chaos at the Toronto Sporting Life 10K

The Sporting Life 10K was held last weekend in Toronto and apparently it was pure chaos. Problems included large lines for the bag check, water stations not being stocked properly, pedestrians walking through a race (there is an interesting youtube video out there), to the most serious congestion at the finish line. I’ve never seen those types of problems at any of the Ottawa Races that I’ve ran over the years. Biggest problem I’ve ever encountered was long toilet lines….

You can read an in depth post by Kenny on his blog 

Have a great Thursday everyone!

What is everyone up to these days????

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    That race does sound like it was a crazy mess!
    I’m headed over to check out the race recap now. Sheesh!


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