Week 18: Eat Gluten Free for a Week

Hey Folks! Happy Sunday!

This week’s edition of 52 New Things


Eating Gluten Free for a Week


This week’s challenge was to eat gluten free for an entire week (Monday-Sunday). Gluten free is just like it sounds. You don’t eat anything with gluten in it. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. I rarely eat/drink anything with barley or rye in it (except beer), so the big no-no was wheat. I chose this challenge as I know a number of people who have celiac disease. I also know a number of people who choose not to include too much gluten in their everyday diets. For me – I love cake, cupcakes, donuts, bread, beer, pizza, etc. so diet that excludes gluten would be a challenge.

Which is was.

I will have to pull a mulligan (ask for a mulligan?) on this one as I lasted until Thursday when I in a tired, absentminded state ordered a hot dog at the track on Thursday…whoops! Then, in my exhausted state when I got home, I ate a burger with a bun. I also had a pre-determined pizza/beer date with a friend scheduled on Friday, so since I had already had some gluten, I figured I would go all out and eat all the pizza and beer. and cupcakes…

Fail-town all around.

I will try this again, as it was interesting trying all the gluten-free foods and trying to determine if the taste was any different. I also bought some gluten-free pasta that I still want to try.

So a little bit of a recap on what I ate. Eating a gluten-free dinner was quite easy. I am generally quite happy with a protein and veggie dinner, so adjusting my meals to not include any items with gluten in it were easy. I had quite a bit of BBQ’d foods with salad this week. One just has to be careful with salad dressings or pre-made stir-fry sauces as they could include wheat products or have been contaminated. As mentioned, I still have to try the gluten free pasta!

Breakfast was a whole other story. I am a carb-queen when it comes to breakfast, so basically I had fruit and yoghurt every single day. I did not try any breakfast gluten-free cereals, but might want to give them a whirl. I missed oatmeal! Oatmeal is one of those “is it or isn’t it” products, but my package of oatmeal said that it may contain wheat, so the oatmeal stayed in the pantry

Lunch was kind of easy – as I usually eat leftovers anyways. I bought some gluten free cookies and crackers. The gluten free cookies were made by a company called Patsy Pie and absolutely yummy! If it were not for the price tag ($6 for a package), I would eat these cookies all the time. The cookies did have a different taste to them, but the chocolate chunks made the cookie. So good!


All in all – I would have to say that I still like my gluten-filled foods and would not really last on any type of gluten-free diet unless it was medically necessary. I did not really notice any physical different in a week, except for eating Gabriel’s pizza on Friday, but that pizza is known to make me sick.

Next week, I have to switch up as it is supposed to be the sugar/caffeine/alcohol free week, but P is away for the entire week and I do have some plans to eat some junk food. Therefore, I shall do the opposite and make Nanaimo Bars instead! YAY!


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  1. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    You were brave to give this one a try. I’m sure it’ll be a great topic of conversation with the friends of yours with celiac disease.
    I laughed out loud when I read “fail-town!”

  2. Joy A

    What kind of GF pasta did you get? My favorite is Tinkyada brown rice (also sometimes called “Pasta-Joy” which just makes me smile). Also, gluten free oats: Bob’s Red Mill. They’re what I’ve been using though I’m getting ready to challenge a no name brand of oats to see if they make me sick or not. Many of my GF friends say that Quaker is okay…though some say it’s not. Trick is, some of us with Celiac are also intolerant to oats, regardless of whether or not they are gluten free.
    I”m glad you did this challenge to see what it’s like for those of us who have to eat this way all the time.

  3. Joy A

    I tried to post a comment, but the internet ate it…
    Anyhow, what kind of GF pasta did you get?

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Found it! The spam monster ate it – don’t know why as your name/email seems normal compared to “NFL jersey” and “how to date girls” 🙂

      I will check when I get home – but I think it was a brown rice variety

  4. NIcole

    Good attempt! I also find dinner not too difficult since we aren’t big pasta eaters, but breakfast and eating out is far more challenging. We tried a gluten free pasta a couple weeks ago. It’s not bad. Once you get over the initial texture difference, it didn’t taste all that different. We bought ours from Costco- no idea of the brand off the top of my head.

    I have granola in my yogurt and fruit for breakfast. If I HAD to stop eating it, I would substitute for hemp hearts or quinoa puffs. I do like the crunch of the granola better though.

    I’ll have to try making some gluten free cookies. We bought more gluten free flour so this should be an interesting experiment.

  5. beka

    I have been going through some stomach issues lately and just had my celiac test. (haven’t found out results yet), but have been trying to cut down the gluten intake – i definitely feel a lot better, but there is always pizza – my weakness – that I may have to splurge on every now and again 🙂


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