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Hi All!


How is everyone doing this fine holiday Monday (in most of Canada)? I am doing fine, just busy as usual. Finally have a chance to sit down on the lappy and actually write a blog post. I do owe a 52 things post, but that will probably get done tomorrow. I think I will be moving towards checking things off the master list until the summer as some of the things I have listed for May/June just will not get down during Track Season. There are only so many hours in the day and there is no way I’m going caffeine free during the height of the season.



So busy-ness is defined as a heavy track schedule, usual work stuff, trying to get running practice in and preparing to be a water station captain for the upcoming Ottawa Race Weekend. I’ve been going from work to the track to meetings for the past 10 tens. Oh – and I’m taking another grad school course. So, when the long weekend had no concrete plans, we had a whole pile of cleaning to do. There are only so many hours in a day, and in the end, writing a blog post isn’t a priority.

I had plans to go on an actual long run (aka more than 5K) and it didn’t happen. I just got back from a 5k run which is all I could manage tonight. But, it is probably a good thing as certain parts of my legs (right knee, left ankle) are starting to hurt a bit. Not sure about the knee, but I do believe the left ankle is a result of too much traffic in a manual transmission car when I already have ankle issues. That and I wore my running shoes without the inserts all this week during track. I think I’m going to have to wear my newer shoes and inserts this week. I will be running the 10K during the race weekend and I’m not at all prepared for it. I literally haven’t run more than 5K at a time at all this season. Opps. It will be fine as I’m sure that if I stay in the 6:30 zone I can get to 10K without a problem. I just won’t be running as fast we I did last weekend for 10K. But, saying all of that, I am getting faster. I ran 6:30’s this evening and it felt really really easy. Last year 7:40 was easy.

Today I went on an adventure to Hull/Gatineau to stop by my assigned water station and get the lay of the land with the water station coordinator. After that, I had to drive up a tiny hill right at the end of the street and I *almost* burnt out my clutch. One day I will get the hang of it! Anyways, I drove back to Ontario with a car filled with water bottles, hats and t-shirts to hand out to my CW water station team (CW = my school).

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

our water station location! (hey that rhymes)


So that is it for now.

How are all of you?

Did you have a race this weekend? Next Weekend?

Are you running the Ottawa Race Weekend?

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  1. Mary

    Not sure I’m ready enough for the 10km either, getting nervous already, but not much I can do now!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      yeah, as usual I’ve run out of time. I think I am just going to run as best as I can. I can get to 5-6K with no issues, but the rest might be a walk/run combo.

  2. Nicole

    Busy busy!!

    I have a 10K this weekend and I’m kind of ready. I’m not as fast as I would like to be but I’ve run a far amount. I’m hoping the adrenaline will get me through the run at a faster pace. I should actually look at the race map to see what I’m in for!

    That coffee sign is the best! If I don’t have my coffee first thing at my desk in the AM I am not happy! We regularly run out of cream at the beginning of the week and I start twitching trying to keep the rage under control!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      The school caf was banned from serving proper coffee for over a year (stoopid government) and we bought our own tassimo machines to get our jolt – but last week we ran out of T-disks….ahhhhh

  3. Brittany

    No races for me for a while!! I do look forward to getting another one under my belt within the next couple months though. I love that coffee sign haha.


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