Track Thunderstorms

It appears that Ottawa is dealing with the first heat wave of Summer 2013.

Today’s humidity levels were beyond ridiculous. When I walked down the stairs at school, the handrails were all slimy and sticky, gross! Luckily I had supervision duty in the A/C’d library! As soon as I walked outside after – it was muggy city.

I went home and worked on my online course for a bit – but then had to get ready for track practice. While getting ready, I noticed that it seemed rather dark in the house and went to look outside. The skies were indeed darkening with thunder clouds – great! Really great, considering I had planned to do my own workout before track practice. But the radar showed that the storm might miss the track, so I quickly booted it out the door and went downtown (well – Mooney’s Bay).

Skies in Orleans

Skies in Orleans

I got to the track and did some hills with Sasha, the lead coach of the group. Hills = noodley legs! But as we were finishing up, we saw lightning and jogged back to get the group into our shelter area. The storm was fairly short – but featured lots of lightning and rain. A few lightning strikes were a bit too close. There was forked lightning all around the track and two strikes were fairly close. One of the close ones made a bunch of people scream and one girl dove into me. Nice. Some people thought that they would be tough (?!?) and proceeded to continue to work out – until that really close lightning struck and then they were inside the shelters.



Luckily the storm was done by 6pm – and we actually got most of the workout done in the meantime in the shed. Then came the sun and the humidity – YAY! This weather is very much like Florida weather in the spring/summer – hot and humid by day, thunderstorms by the evening!

Do you like thunderstorms?

Do you include hills in your workout?

Do you have humid days where you are?



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  1. Amy

    I love thunderstorms and I do hills often! But I try to do them slow and easy on my easy run days since I do a lot of track and speed work and I need easy days, but still need to work on hills. Some days I go out and attack a hill several times and incorporate it into the rest of my run, but I am not too methodical about adding them.

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Definitely sounds like Florida weather! The two days I went to the beach this weekend were sunny and then about an hour or two into the day the clouds rolled in and the skies opened up. I usually run the causeway for my hills, but I do it once a week. Nothing too crazy! I run the large hill at the beginning of my run when I am fresh and at the end of my run when I am tired. The end of my run is always the hardest/worst.

  3. Ashley @ Life and Fitness

    Thunderstorms always freak me out! As soon as it starts looking dark, I always head inside. My dog is so scared of them too hah.

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  5. Amalia

    I’m from Mississauga originally and have so many friends that live in Ottawa (i’m heading out there for a wedding soon!). Now I live in Vancouver and I can say I miss the blasting heat and thunderstorms (don’t get mad at me!)

    I run outside in the rain. It’s always damp and chilly here but its great when the sun chooses to come out. Last year right before the Ottawa Marathon Weekend (which was the first 5k I ever ran) there was this MASSIVE thunderstorm and my friend and I got stuck out of it walking back from the package pick up. It was amazing and so much fun (not at the time).

    I miss Ontario weather just a little bit.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m from Mississauga too 🙂

      I’m very thankful that I have yet to run a race in a thunderstorm – but I’ve picked up race kits in thunderstorms three times – Weird!!

      Yes – in Vancouver running in rain is a very common thing. But humidity still sucks!

  6. Nicole

    I don’t like thunderstorms since they tend to happen when I want to get out for a run!

    I don’t miss the humidity in Ontario. Melting is not a good feeling, running or not.

    I usually have hill training specific workouts. Lately I have just been running in a hilly area so it always feels like I’m hill training!


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