Baby Gear – 18 months later

Where should I store this?


This question is being asked in our house on a monthly basis as we really start diving into putting away the baby gear. Max uses very little baby gear nowadays: we only use the Chariot, high chair, car seat and crib. Other than toys – everything else is put away.

So – 18 months later, what gear did I use regularly (beyond the obvious car seat and crib) and what gear should I consider just putting on kijiji

This is just my list – your list may be very different 🙂

Gear – The Winners

1) The Chariot

We bought a used chariot – but the lady I bought it from barely used it, so it was a steal of a deal. The chariot is the only stroller we use now and it really helped get back into the swing of things in terms of running. I was even photographed in a race once!

2) Change Table – *only because of cloth diapering*

Max was in cloth diapers for his first year. We used a service, so we had on hand about 100 diapers. Those diapers needed a place to be stored, so for us, the change table made perfect sense. I did not buy a new table. Instead I purchased a $20 table off of kijiji. Now we use it for storage of laundry, diapers, butt wipes and that sort of thing.


3) Exersaucer

Also known in our house as “the office”. this toy was great. Max used it from about 4 months til a year. Then he simply outgrew it/was walking so he did not want to stay in it. The exersaucer allowed him to play independently and gave me a few moments to put dishes away, get lunch ready, that sort of thing


4) The breast pump

For pretty obvious reasons.  The breast pump helped give Max as much milk has he needed, but also allowed for some flexibility. I did the whole breast-feeding thing until 8 months (which is when I went back to work). This is an item that I bought brand new.

5) Activity Mat

A great toy for Max when he was younger and just learning how to roll. He would amuse himself for a few minutes by playing on his mat.



The “not so great” Gear List

1) The regular stroller

We bought a stroller/car seat combo from Graco. Although the snug ride car seat was great for the first 8 months, I really did not use the stroller very much. I prefered to use the chariot for strolls (other than the San Diego Zoo, I don’t think the stroller ever went outside) and to carry Max in crowded places. Every time I did use the stroller, I felt like it was too big and getting in the way of everything. To be 100% honest, I have absolutely not idea where the stroller is right now. No.clue.

2) Regular diaper bag

I use an MEC shoulder bag instead and it worked just fine. I never had a huge bag filled with diaper necessities. Just a couple of diapers and wipes. Only once did Max actually throw up in the car and make a mess out of himself (and that was only a month or so ago).

3) Bumbo Chair

Max did not like the Bumbo at all. He wiggled himself out of it – which is why when Bumbo had to send everyone straps to install, I agreed with them because I knew Max was one of those babies who could get out of it. Right now the Bumbo is being used to hold a teddy bear.


4) Baby Monitor

We live in a small house so we can pretty much hear Max at any time, especially now that he is a bit louder these days. Max slept in our room until he was 8 months old as well. So therefore the baby monitor did not get much use at all. Actually – where is that monitor? Last time I saw it, it was under the bed….

5) Moby Wrap

Honestly, I wasn’t into the Moby wrap as much as I would have liked to have been into it. We much preferred the Beco Gemini. The Moby wrap was pretty much only used until 2 months, then we bought the Beco carrier. It just was more comfortable for me and easier to put on. Next time – I will probably just go and use the Beco carrier and bypass the Moby all together.


 So, what about you? What did you use or not use much?

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  1. Mom

    I thought the bouncy chair got a lot of use

  2. Nicole

    I used my stroller all.the.time in the first year. I spent a pretty mint on it so I made darn sure it got used! We also bought a gently used Chariot which has been used a ton on runs. Definitely got our money worth there.

    I bought a huge diaper bag and quickly started using something smaller and then purchased another smaller diaper bag because the 1st one is massive. At least it gets used for daycare now, although they did ask that I send a smaller bag because it’s so big! That being said- my diaper bag to this day is still fully stocked with stuff. We always had to carry extra clothes because of blowouts. We cloth diapered until a year so needed lots of room for spare and dirty diapers. Plus once she started eating solids we always had to haul around food. I put my own stuff in the diaper bag so I wasn’t carrying a purse as well.

    We never bought a change table and instead used the top of a dresser. Still using it now and it will be her dresser for a long time so it was a good investment.

    I never liked the moby wrap either. Audrey usually hated it, and it was so difficult to put on. I ended up getting a mei tei baby hawk which was much better.

    Audrey loved her playmat, so-so with the bumbo, adored the swing, ok with the vibrating chair and only lasted in the exersaucer for 5-10 minutes max at a time.

    My basement is full of all this crap now.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      haha – yes our basement is filled with all the baby things. I’m guessing in 3-4 years I will have storage space again 🙂

      My breast pump bag was really big – so on some road trips I used that bag for a diaper bag as well.


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