Back-logged Week – Get a Pedicure

Thankfully exam week means I have a few extra hours in the day to get a few things done: like go for runs and get a few more things checked off this list!



Back logged Week #12 – Get a Pedicure!

So yesterday I had a free hour to go and get a pedicure! I was supposed to have had one done a month or so ago, but I remember that the weather wasn’t cooperating/I was having difficulty finding about an hour of time to get it done sans Max (he is just too squirmy).

So, it is true; I’ve never had a pedicure done before. Something about people touching my feet just seems weird. Also, it is a “pampering luxury” that I just don’t see the sense in paying for. It is nice for a treat I guess, but not something I would regularly pay for. But it is sandal season, so my toesies needed some polish!


I went to a nail salon close to Max’s daycare in Orleans. There wasn’t a problem getting an appointment with only about an hours notice. The salon was pretty busy when I got there, which was a little surprising given it was 3pm in the afternoon.


A pedicure basically involves filing and cutting of nails, a foot bath, fixing up cuticles, a foot scrub and moisturizing time, then the polish. I have pretty ticklish feet, so I had to literally restrain myself from bursting out laughing. At one point, my leg totally jumped up and startling the nail technician. Opps.

I chose a red polish and the nail technician also put a little flower action on my big toe. How cute.


At least this time the polish is “within the lines” and not all over the place, which is what happens when I do my own nails. Honestly I probably will not become a regular pedicure person – I just cannot see spending the $$ – but for the “first of the season” or for special occasions, I might.

Can a pedicure magically get rid of my stupid sock tan line?

No, I didn’t think so….

What about you? Are you a regular pedicure person?

Does talking about feet freak you out as much as it does for me?


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  1. Nicole

    I love getting pedicures but I agree that it’s a luxury thing that I don’t like to pay for often.
    Usually I get one at least once a summer. I find my heels get really cracked and nasty so I do it for that as well.

    I rarely go to the expensive places though. Normally I go where it’s $35 or so. This past time it was $100 but I only went there because I had a gift certificate.

    If someone asks me for a gift idea and I can’t think of anything I will say a pedicure since it’s something I usually don’t treat myself to.


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