First long run in awhile

Hey, whoa…another post!


Perhaps it is clear now that I did not work today…..


Today I completed my first long run in my Army Run 2013 training plan. Today’s task was 7Km, which wasn’t bad at all. I started to run at 8:45am after dropping off Max, but quickly turned around as my cereal wasn’t agreeing with me.  I got a few things done around the house and went back out an hour later. Today was a nice day: cooler temps with sunny skies. Seems many other people had the same idea as I did as the path was packed with bikers, walkers and runners! I like that people around here smile and say “good morning” when you pass.

7KM takes me down the main street, on the path past my school, onto another road and just briefly back on the path. The 7K mark is literally a tree. I find it funny when my KM markings are actually something on the path. For long runs, I was focusing on negative splits, but also running 10 minutes and walking 1 minute (10 and 1’s). I did negative split, starting at 6:48/km pace and bringing it to 6:11 for my last KM. I was pretty comfortable for most of the run – being able to talk for almost the entire run and not really having to focus too much on breathing until the last 2KM’s. I finished the run in 47:22

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 7.21.04 PM



I got a bit of course work done today. I kind of forgot/didn’t bother to write down that I have to hand in a draft of my final paper for my current grad school course by the end of next week. So once I finish writing this post, and doing the dishes – it will be time to work on that. I also applied for some teaching jobs today – but getting interviews for those jobs is kind of like applying for the NYC Marathon (Google – Ontario regulation 274). There is a chance for an interview, but it is completely out of my control. So we will wait and see.

Also becoming apparent, is how hard it is to get those pesky 52 things done lately. Being away from home pretty much every weekend is really killing any extra time that I have – and most of the things on my list require at least an hour or two. Summer might make things a bit easier. But for now, I’m back logged about 3 weeks or so. Opps….

Which also brings me to other news that I cannot remember if I mentioned before  – I have dropped out of this weekend’s Emilie’s Run. Not because of injury or anything, but because of scheduling. I’m very sorry that I will be missing it. Especially since I was planning on a big PB – but whatever. I’m looking at signing up for a Canada Day Race, and have transferred my bib from Emilie’s Run to the Fall Colours Race during Thanksgiving.


In “name” news:

1) The Scotiabank place, formerly the Corel Centre (and apparently Palladium) is now going to be called the Canadian Tire Centre. I will still call it the hockey arena that is too bloody far away

2) MEC (aka Mountain Equipment Co-op) is changing its logo and will only be called MEC from now on. So now the debate is being raised again: do you call it MEC or M-E-C?? That and the new logo just looks like a green GAP logo. The twitter MEC person keeps saying that it reflects better as MEC is seen today – but the logo is overly simplistic, so I’m not sure how it reflects anything.





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