Max at 18 months

Sitting in the doctor’s office today waiting for Max to have his last of the “baby needles”, I figured it would be a good idea to do a Max Update post. It has been awhile.


The categories come from Haute Runner who is way better at updating us about her toddler than I am.



Max has slept well since he was born, so nothing has really changed here. He goes to bed anytime between 7pm and 9pm, and wakes up between 6am and 8am (very rare). He is transitioning to 1 nap a day, but on some days he takes two. Really depends on what Max has been up to and if he takes a long nap in the morning, he isn’t going to take one in the afternoon.


Max likes his food, but sometimes he is picky. For example, this morning I put some Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter on his toast for a little treat. He gives me a look, then sticks his finger in the toast to taste the new spread before he bothers to pick up a slice. Max loves sausages, cheese, burgers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cereal, bear paw cookies and GoldFish. He likes his chicken with a bit of bite to it – like salsa chicken.


Almost done – Max almost has a full set of milk teeth! Again, like sleeping, barely any issues here. He hasn’t made a peep the last few ones that were cut.


Max has been standing since 8 months and walking since 13. Now, it is all about running! Max loves to run around. Give him an open field (or a track…) and he is happy as a clam to just run around. He even likes to do hills which is absolutely hilarious. He will spend 10-15 minutes just running up and down. Max can go up and down stairs, but sometimes prefers to slide down the stairs instead.


Max has hazel eyes! They haven’t changed in awhile.


Wild and dark blond. Max has had one haircut in March, but hasn’t had one since. His hair is kind of wavy. It does not stay down when it is long. The newest “dislike” is having his hair washed.


If he could, Max would play all day. As soon as he gets to daycare, he immediately runs to the playroom and runs around screaming. His favorite toys is his lawn mower and any ball that he can find. No matter where we are, if Max sees a ball he goes a bit nuts. One time, we were at a pet store and there was a big bin of balls – he went crazy. Max also likes to play at the park and go down the slides.





Max babbles, but he doesn’t have a big vocabulary yet. He can say: cheese, ball, bye, hello, Mama, Dada, car, lunch, baba (meaning his sippy cup) and that is pretty much it. The only time I’ve had to check the “no” box during his check-ups is about words/speaking. So, Max will be having his hearing checked at CHEO (the kiddie hospital) just to make sure there is no fluid in his ears and we will also be checking out the early words centre for some suggestions.


Max weighs 24 pounds and is 33 inches long. He is still a bit scrawny, but he is pretty tall for his age. The nurse thought that he was two when he came in. So therefore, he is a string bean. Max wears anything from 12-18 months clothing.


Max is starting to get a bit of an attitude the closer we get to 2 years of age. The temper tantrums have started, but they haven’t been bad. Basically he cries, and falls to the floor, kicking and hollering  If I am holding him, he tries to swipe my glasses off (our Doctor laughed,  because her kids do the same thing to her) and sometimes tries to hit/scratch. Other than that, he is pretty easy going. He usually wakes up chattering away and as I mentioned above, loves to play. He is a bit shy at first, but he will warm up to people rather quickly. Anyone who has been with Max for an extended amount of time seem to be amazed at how easy going he is. We went away this weekend and I don’t think he threw one fit or even cried.

Fave Things

– Balls

– Cars

– Trucks

– Playground

– Daycare

– Recycling

– Blankie

– Outside

– Water park (kiddie pool and a hose)

– Bear Paws

– Pretending to drive




– Having his hair washed

– Having his nails clipped

– Being held



Max likes to put things away, including his dirty diapers. Once he is changed, he grabs the dirty diaper and then throws it in the bin.

Max ran a 100m the other day on the track – although he also ran the length of the inner field about 10 times too…..


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  1. Nicole

    Max is such a cutie!! I think he looks so much like you!

    I’m so envious that he’s a great sleeper and teething doesn’t bother him.

    Audrey does the same thing when trying a new food! It’s as though they think we are trying to poison them!

    Hill repeats for toddlers= genius idea!! That might be one way I will get hill training in this time around.

    I love how helpful they are at this age. Putting things away, bringing you things… it won’t last very long though.

    Great update!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Max looks identical to his Daddy. I almost took a picture of the two of them eating Chinese Food side by side, but I think hubby would not like that at all!

      No, helpfulness will not last long. Too bad though, as he does such a good job of organizing!

      Hehe, yes we are extremely fortunate to have an easy going sleeper – I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without having solid sleeps


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