OFSAA 2013 – End of High School Season

For the past few days I have been at OFSAA Track and Field 2013 held in Oshawa Ontario. It was a good couple of days – some great moments and moments that remind us on what we need to work on for the Summer Season. With OFSAA finishing, the high school season is officially over, which means the practices before/after school are done!


Day 1 = an afternoon of cold rain. It was miserable weather. We got there, picked up our packages and then went into the Nike Tent to purchase our OFSAA gear. I purchased two t-shirts this year in purple and orange rather than buying a sweater this year. After shopping was done, it was time to watch the 400m races. I made the mistake of not bringing my ‘wet pants’ to the track (left them in the dorms) and only had my rain jacket on. We didn’t watch the 1500m races and literally just sat downstairs on the floor trying to keep warm. I lasted until about 7pm when my student and I went back to the bus and waiting for everyone there. It was just too yucky.

What happens to your OFSAA papers when it rains all day

What happens to your OFSAA papers when it rains all day

The next two days were still overcast but not a drop of rain! Thank goodness! Both of my students did well (well, mostly – we are happy with 2 of the events, the other one not so much). We watched a large amount of great high school level track and field, cheered on our Ottawa friends and ate a lot of bad for you food. The one event coaches excel at is sitting down and eating food – and let me tell you – I think our coaching group won the gold for amount of food consumed. It was a good couple of days, but I am kind of glad that the high school season is over.Now onto summer season!






Mostly because it is time to start this:




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  1. Amy

    UGH for the rain, but it sounds like it got better! Great photos! And way to go for the half training! Yay-can’t wait to follow your training.

  2. Cecilia @ MommiesRun

    I’m sorry about that rain but yay for half training! Curious, what training plan is that? It looks really interesting…

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is from ‘Running” the running book from The Running Room/John Stanton. I modify it a bit because I find it hard to get out 5x a week

  3. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    It was nostalgic to read about hs track and field. What a wonderful end of the year (um, minus the weather!).
    Thank you for telling Cecilia about the running plan. I’m gearing up in the next few weeks to start training for the marathon in October and I can’t settle on a plan!


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