Saying Goodbye to the Orange and Blue

Happy Saturday! We just got back from MEC where I spent quite a few $$. Everything we bought was for Max….

He now has a bike helmet, his own MEC backpack, two new pairs of pants and a rockin new hat. I’m sure some pictures will pop up tomorrow – especially since we are hooking up the Chariot with the bike attachment for the first time tomorrow.

A very rare, work related post today


Yesterday was my last day at the school I’ve been working for over three years. Technically, my last day was May 29th, but I’ve been working pretty much every day since then. But school finished for the year yesterday which meant that it really was my last day yesterday. For a bit of background – I do not hold a permanent full-time position with my school board – I simply work contract by contract or if nothing else is available, I supply teach (which is very unreliable). I’ve been fortunate to have many contracts at the school I’ve been mainly working at, plus an online contract last Fall/Winter. The only contract that I am almost 100% guaranteed to have is my summer school position. Anyways, the government decided to intervene and basically dictate to the board how teachers are to be hired – all based on seniority.  So, this is why at the moment I do not have a job for September. Right now, regardless there is not a position at my former school. I’ve applied for quite a few other schools (all in the West-end, yay commuting) , but nothing is guaranteed. I will find out late next week or shortly after whether I have something to look forward to in September or not.

So that is where we are at.

Yesterday I said goodbye to many fellow staff and friends. I am not the only one leaving – I think the total amount of staff saying goodbye yesterday was upwards of ten people, which was very sucky.

Obviously – this means that as of right now, I will not be coaching the high school track team next year. I’ve known for awhile that this was coming – hence the decision to start helping out with the competitive club. If I move to another school, and it is in the west end, I am unsure whether I can commit to coaching next year for two reasons. First, commuting to the west end and day care times do not mix and second, there might already be an established team and coach. However, there are a number of schools that I could easily fit into the team as I am friends with a number of coaches. We’ve built up a nice little program at the school, and track isn’t something you can just do once or twice a week – the program I run goes from March-June with a minimum of four practices a week – and starting in April, a meet every week. But I’m sure someone will take over the team and like the kids did with me three years ago, they will tell the new coach what to do 🙂

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I find a new position. I am applying for jobs outside of teaching in the public system, but are still involved with education/sports. Maybe this is the push I needed to try something completely new.

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    Wow… you’re dealing with a lot right now and it sounds like you are doing it in an organized, thoughtful way. Maybe this will be the perfect time for something new and just-right to come your way.
    I’ll be thinking about you!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂


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