Swimming Time + Spicy Mayo

School is winding down for the year (well – for a week for me as I teach summer school), which means one thing: POOL PARTY!!

Max and I went to a co-workers house for a staff party. They have a pool so all the kids were in heaven in the nice heated pool (and a few of us parental types too). Out of all the parenting things out there, swimming lessons is one lesson we have not gotten into yet. Going to the pool was only Max’s second time in a pool – last time was actually almost exactly a year ago. Max has been in a few lakes and the Pacific Ocean – but he usually just gets his toes wet. I out his MEC infant life jacket on and swam with him a bit. Although he really really wanted to jump in with the big kids, he was a little scared. He was all nervous laughter. Then he pointed that he wanted out – so we went out. Five seconds later, Max is back at the edge of the pool wanting to go in.

Max met some new friends. Max seemed to like this one girl very much (actually, what he doesn’t know is all of us infant toys were hers first) – she is 3 years old and was diving and having a great time. Max, wanting to be a “big kid” decided to climb up on the diving board and try to “dive”. He was too nervous though. We did do a mock dive with a friend in the pool while I lifted Max.




Is anyone else’s toddlers covered in owwies? He has a freshly skinned elbow, bruises on his legs from running into things, an owwie from his most recent needles, and a shiner from Mommy when Max decided that it would be much more fun to launch himself down a slide – and then run his face into Mommy’s nail/thumb. My goodness!


Do you love spicy mayo? I sure do! It is best with sweet potato fries – but sometimes I use spicy mayo to make potato salad, for chicken fingers, or spice up a burger.

It is pretty easy to make. You just need Mayo, Sriracha sauce, and jalapeño peppers.


Simple spoon out as much mayo as you need. Next you add some sriracha sauce to your liking. I find that the mayo somehow mellows the sriracha sauce, so I add way more than I do to anything else (like Pho or chili). But – use a tasting spoon and figure out how hot you want your mayo!


Next, finely chop some jalapeños and boom – spicy mayo!

Why not bake some sweet potato fries and have a lil snack?




Do you love sweet potato fries and spicy mayo?

Do you have a pool?

What are your plans for Canada Day/Independence Day?

To finish up: a cute picture of Max hugging his stuffie


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  1. Amy @ Writing While Running

    Oh my mouth just watered with that spicy mayo! I love, love, love anything spicy. Unfortunately the boy I eat my meals with cannot handle any spice at all. I think this just made me want to go out and get my own sriracha and jalapeños, though. Thank you!
    Isn’t Max just a doll? Enjoy him at that age!


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