Tuesday Running Update



Whoa – a running update? really?!? Wowzers!

There hasn’t been much in terms of my own training lately as I have been mighty busy finishing up the high school track season and volunteering, but I have done a few workouts (actually only a couple).

My own workouts:

After the Ottawa Race Weekend and issues with my right leg, I took it easy last week. I went for a 3K run last Tuesday when I got to Mooney’s Bay. It was a fairly quick 3K. Tonight I did a track workout consisting of a 800m warm-up and then 4x400m at a 4:00ish pace. It was a pretty good feeling workout. After 4 rounds, I had to coach the club team, so I was done for the night.

In race news – I *may* have to drop out of Emilie’s Run due to a scheduling conflict, but if that happens I will be signing up for a Canada Day Run. If I do run Emilie’s Run that will potentially my last race until Army Run in September, but we will see!

The Track Team:


We went to East Regionals last week in Belleville. I brought the largest team that I’ve brought to East Regionals in quite a number of years. We went straight to the track from the bus ride and had a good afternoon with one student qualifying for OFSAA. We had a late dinner and went back to the hotel. Most kids were in their rooms by 10:30 and I was in bed by 11pm – easy night supervision wise. Although there were some interesting bits including teen boys syncro swimming in the hotel pool – right. Oh, and a student (not mine) totally was tumbling down the hill at the track.


The next day we had another student qualify for OFSAA, bringing our total to two. We also had the other club coaches up to watch which was great. It was a Great day! We got back stupidly late from the track (11pm) and I went straight to sleep as soon as I got home. Zzzzz

This week is all about OFSAA. If you are interested in watching – tune into Runnerspace.com.

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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Good luck to your runners!!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thanks!! They are doing great!

  2. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    It sounds like it was a successful trip and that you’ll be recovering (sleep-wise) for many days to come!!!


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