Bike Riding Time

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!!


Yesterday P, Max and I went on our first family bike ride. When we purchased the chariot stroller before Max was born, the intent was for us to be able to go on family bike rides. However, for safety reasons, children under the age of 1 and who cannot walk are not allowed to be towed on a bike. Because Max turned one over winter – we had a long wait before we could go on a bike ride. Finally, we had a free Sunday to go for a bike ride! After the MEC race, I booted it back home, switched into my cycling pants and off we went.

Here in Ottawa, we have a little something called Bike Sundays. Bike Sundays are when they close the parkways down (Aviation Parkway in our neck of the woods) for people to ride their bikes in the morning until 1pm. It is a very popular thing to do around Ottawa on Sundays. Everyone from pro-looking cyclists to three year olds on training wheels are present, riding down the parkway at whatever speed they wish. For us – the parkway is really close, only about 5K away. All we have to do is go down one small street for 1.5K and we are on the Ottawa River Pathway, and then about 4K or so to the Aviation Parkway. One of the major reasons why I do not want to move away from this area of Orleans/Ottawa is because of the proximity to the parkway/paths.



To tow Max we used a Chariot bike attachment. It was fairly easy to install and remove – so putting the jogger wheel back on was a quick process. We went to MEC the day before to pick up a helmet for Max. They were out of all boy coloured ones, so we purchased a lady bug one instead. Whatever.


Max was initially unsure of the helmet and the bike. He looked a bit worried. But once I pedalled close to him, he saw me and smiled. Eventually he was chattering away and looking at the scenery.


This was my first bike ride in probably two years or so. After running a 5K an hour before, I’m surprised my legs did not bother me at all. P was the one who was towing Max – and he said it was difficult, but doable. Because we were a bit late getting out, we only rode for 6.5KM before heading back home. We rode 13.25km in 46 minutes.

Because I have a try a tri in a month (ahhhh), we will be going out for Bike Sundays more often!

What are you doing for Canada Day?

Do you own a bike?

What is your fave BBQ’d meat or veg?


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  1. Amy

    Aw. Poor Max looks confused! Way to go getting out there and biking! I use my bike mainly for commuting (lots of bike paths here) rather than exercise. The exercise is just an added benefit!

  2. Nicole

    What a great idea! I wish we could easily bike on the roads by us. Max looks pretty cute in his lady bug helmet!


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