Hello Summer!


Yes – it has been a few days since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy! ┬áSummer school ended on Friday – so Thursday and Friday were spent writing report cards and getting all my paperwork in order to finish up the course (things like course admin are taken a bit more seriously at summer school, but with way less time to prepare). So now, I am on “vacation” until I head back to work in about three works. Which also means, yes I am going back to work in September – but as of right now only for three weeks then I’m back to supply teaching again. However, my position could change at the end of August and I could be sent to a totally different school. The placement I have is a fairly difficult one and will be tons of fun for three weeks. How do I know that? Well because yesterday at Track I found out that one of the other coaches in the group is one of the teachers in this particular department at the same school. Kind of funny how that works!

After I was released from summer school, we jumped in the car and went to Toronto for the weekend. This weekend was a bit busy as everything “Toronto” was happening this weekend. We arrived in Toronto (well Mississauga) at 6:45, taking us only a mere 4 hours and 45 minutes to get there (probably one of my fastest times). We only had a brief 10 minute stop at a service station and I was going fairly fast with no traffic. My parents didn’t even think I would make it that fast as they thought my “we will be an hour and a half” text meant that we would take 2+ hours. We had dinner with my parents and then P said we should probably take advantage of grandparent babysitting time and go to a movie after Max had gone to bed. We went to see Wolverine 2, a movie that I did not know existed until a few days prior. The movie was alright, in fact it was probably the least thrilling of all the X-Men movies. When at the movies I realized that the only movies I had seen in the past year are super hero/comic book movies, ha!

The next day was the family BBQ that is held once a year. This year it was hosted by the Toronto cousins at my one cousin’s house in the Beaches. For those not familiar with the Beaches, homes in that area do not have much property. Luckily for us, their neighbours offered up their lawns and we had three yards to host the BBQ, more than enough room. We had one rainstorm and lots of food! ┬áMax has many little cousins to play with, so they were all having a great time. Max thought the most one was sorting pop cans in the coolers. He did this for hours.




After the BBQ, we took Max home and planned on going to my friends B-day party, where they celebrate four birthdays at once. But by the time we got there, the party was over (so many have kids now), so we said Hi to a few people that were there and then went to see another friends new condo. Still a good time!

When you thought we could not squeeze more fun into a weekend – there still is track to mention. This weekend was the Provincial track meet for the group. I wasn’t able to travel with the group due to school (they left early Friday), but because I was in Toronto, I could see Sunday’s events! It was great to see lots of hard work pay off and the improvements being made since OFSAA (high school meet). P stayed with Max who thought this was great fun, once again (and he found more coolers). However, since we wanted to get home and had Max, we had to leave just before 3pm. I did get to see the hurdles and most of the 200m sprints.

We piled in the car and headed home. Max fell asleep before we even went on the highway. Travelling home took a bit longer, but we still made it home in about 5 1/2 hours (which included a 30 minute stop in Napanee). Now, I wish I could sleep for a few days. But Max is calling “Mama!!”, so I guess I best get him up! Summer awaits!

What did you do this weekend?

What is your fave BBQ food?

What does sleeping in mean for you?

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