Monday Morning Thoughts

Morning all!

The kiddies are writing an exam right now, so I am entertaining myself by writing while they are writing (ha)

Thought #1 – Outfit vs. Outfit

The other day in class I was mentioning about how we were going to work on budgeting in Careers and how once you get older you don’t have as much money to spend on clothes as you have when you are a teenager. I looked at my own outfit and realized that through sales, it only cost $15 for my outfit. But it was a track day, so I then commented that my track outfit would have cost me about $75 or so. Priorities?

Thought #2 – Humidity

Dear humidity,

It is me, Rebecca.

Can you please go away? I would like to go for more runs but your thick and heavy nature is making it hard for us to get along. Please control yourself, k thanks!

The humidity was insane last night, even at 8:30, so I did not go out for a run 🙁

Thought #3 – I’m funny


Thought #4 – Only took me a week and a half….

To realize that there is a swimming pool right next to my summer school location. There is an open lane swim from 6-7:30. I plan on  hopefully going tomorrow or Thursday to test out swimming 250m (more on the try a tri later). I also had to check to see if my sport bathing suit still fits (it does). But I did purchase a triathlon top and bottom for my race in a couple of weeks.

Thought #5 – Google Searches

Many bloggers have been sharing the search terms that people use to find their blogs. Mine are not as crazy as some of the ones that I have read, but quite regularly I’ve see these ones:

– Paul Plakas’ baby – no, he is not my ‘baby daddy’, although he does share the same first name as my husband

– Bon Echo Camping Marijuana – Yeah, no people, no no no. I can’t even spell marijuana!

– Dirty Classrooms – surprised how many people search this – but yes I hate dirty classrooms!

– Funny Tornado Pics – ummm?

– I have Ticklish Feet – That is ok, most of us do!

– Pedicure food for bab – What does that even mean?

– Wendy’s bacon mushroom melt on a Thursday after work – HAHAHA, you have read my mind, Friend!

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up for your blog, you should definitely do so! Endless entertainment!  Also neat to see where your blog readers come from!

What are your thoughts today?

Do you use Google Analytics?



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  1. Nikki

    I’m with you about the humidity. I have been slogging through every run for over a month. Getting very frustrated. And I can’t sort out a cause besides the weather, so I’m blaming that. I love summer but this month has been a little over the top!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It seems to be getting worse and worse each year!


    Humidity is awful. It’s great news that you have a pool you can use. Hopefully it’s not too expensive!
    I haven’t looked at the google searches for my blog. I should check into that. 🙂
    Yes. You are funny! The answers people will choose!!!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Just under $5 – not too bad. I just need to go a few times (hopefully) 🙂

  3. Nicole

    I’m the same way- my workout stuff costs way more than my work/casual clothes. I’ll spend $100 on a pair of lulu pants but $40 on a pair of dress pants! My lulu stuff has far outlasted a lot of my work stuff though so I don’t feel so bad. Plus I haven’t bought very much lulu in a long time- it’s all pre baby except a couple items. Back when I had money…

    I’ve been noticing that it’s been a bit humid here. I don’t think I would run in the summer if I lived in Ontario, except on a treadmill. Hope it lets up for you.

    Those are some impressive google searches. Is Google Analytics the same as Google Stats? I checked mine and there wasn’t anything worth noting. I have had some good ones in the past though.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m not sure if Google Stats is the same or not. I have a code running on my site, and it is linked with Google Analytics and it tracks all these cool things. I have a plug in on WordPress that does essentially the same thing, but less detail.


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