See ya Google Reader

Yup – it is official Google Reader has gone away forever. Everyone who attempted to go into GR one last time was greeted with this today:


Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.49.06 PM


Boo!  You can still grab your data via Google Takeout up until the 15th and then they will be deleting all the google reader data for good. So, even if you have switched over to another service, I would back everything up anyways, especially if you have a large amount of news/blogs that you follow. I have jumped over to Feedly and will be mainly using that service. I have also downloaded the free Byline app which presents the blog posts in a much more plain fashion on my iPhone – very similar to emails. I do like the Feedly desktop computer/Chrome version though. However, it has been a bit buggy. Apparently Feedly went down this morning. Also, just now I know I read two posts via Feedly Chrome edition and when I went to check out my Byline and Feedly iPhone apps, it said I didn’t read these three posts that I knew I had read. I’m sure an adjustment period will be necessary!

In other news, Summer School starts tomorrow. I am ready to go for the entire week – but I’m really hoping there is a projector in my room to use, otherwise I am very much screwed for tomorrow’s lessons. I also have to figure out where my speakers are. I am pretty sure I know where they are – in the cupboard in the geography classroom in the school that is locked/I have no keys for. Opps.

In order to stay organized, I use an ‘office in a box’ to sort out all the days of summer school. Also, last year I had a calendar on the computer, plus I wrote everything down in my Moleskin notebook. Therefore, I literally just have to open everything up and boom, the session is planned. Of course, this only works if I teach the same course – but I usually do.


I am going to school with three bags tomorrow – the office in an box, my brown bag from Target (yay!) and my sports bag. We have Twilight Meet #3 tomorrow night, so after the staff meeting, I am booking it to the track.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Are you an organized person?

What are you using to read blogs?

What do you do with your race medals?

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  1. Mom

    Yes, I am organized…glad that gene passed to you. I am a list maker. Don’t know, what is google reader??
    And the medals are in a coffee can on the top shelf of the closet.

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I am incredibly organized! I don’t know how I would function without organization. I used Bloglovin’ to read my blogs, but sometimes it’s a little buggy, too. My race medal is displayed with my sunglasses…I’m thinking of building a cute display case!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      So many do though! Especially my students (ahh)

  3. Nicole

    Organization is so important. It drives me crazy when others are not. I just want to…organize them!

    My race medals are on a medal holder. I love it!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      lol me too 🙂


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