So Tired

Falling asleep at the desk is something that I am trying to avoid this morning. I am fairly sleepy and would rather have stayed in bed this morning but toddler and work calls – so, here I am. I have already had two coffees (one provided by a student who spilt my coffee all over the place yesterday), but they are doing nothing. I also think that I am getting whatever Max had last week and don’t feel so hot.

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Yesterday Max was having an off day, as he decided to freak out when we got home. So I asked him if he wanted to watch some TV – and he did. He promptly got his sippy cup, and snuggled into the couch to watch some TV for about 10 minutes – which is probably the longest he has ever sat still. He was fine after and proceeded to play right after. I guess he wanted some peace and quiet after a hard day of “work”.  We went to the playground after but unfortunately Ottawa was hit with a thunderstorm and we could only play at the park for 10 minutes or so (he wasn’t happy). Yesterday was a rest day, so no workouts. I wouldn’t have been able to go for a run anyways.  Max liked the thunderstorm – every time a clap of thunder happened he went “whooooaaa”, and was standing by the window watching.

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Last night I put the finishing touches on my final paper for my Grad School paper, marked 27 resumes and cover letters and watching a bit of Deadliest Catch. I also ate a huge bowl of strawberries and whipped creme – YUM!

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Everything is winding down for the summer. Grad school is over until September (when I make my return to downtown classes, no more online until January). Summer School is finished on Friday and track will be winding down in a few weeks. So it is finally vacation time! Some people at summer school were surprised that I was taking a class at the same time as summer school. It has been pretty crazy, but not that bad. I will be using less of Pages/Word over the next few weeks though!

Hope you have a happy Wednesday!

What did you have as a snack last night?

Are you really tired today too?

What is your coffee or tea of choice?

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  1. Nicole

    Me too. Usually 1 coffee a day is enough but I’ve taken to 2 a day.

    I like your Max updates because it makes me feel better about Audrey’s tantrums! She has a big fit every day when we get home from the dayhome. She does not want to get out of the car! She full on tantrums for 10 minutes- on the floor, red screaming face with nothing making her happy. No wonder I’m exhausted!

    I had strawberries and ice cream as a snack last night!

    For coffee, I prefer French Vanilla. My office stopped stocking it while I was on mat leave so now I have to drink house blend since I am too cheap to bring my own k-cups to work! So I have French Vanilla at home on the weekends.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Max did a full on tantrum into the corner of a couch at daycare last week because he wanted a toy his friend have and they fought over it. Has a nice bruise on his face from it. Usually he isn’t too bad – but lately he has been getting worse. We are getting closer and closer to “Terrible Two’s” *help us*

  2. Amalia

    I usually have one coffee, but sometimes two. I should also start making it myself. As a former Starbucks barista you think I would know a thing or two about coffee — but I don’t like it plain I need some frothed milk. So I have to buy a milk frother.

    Thunderstorms are crazy cool, I echo the “whoa” – just usually inside my head because I’m not a toddler. Congrats on getting grad school out of the way until September and enjoy the rest of your summer!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Milk frother would be so nice to have! I don’t really like the tassimo “frothed milk” tabs at all!


    Yesterday was my blah day… though if we don’t get a few hours of sunshine in the next few days I’ll be dragging, too. Max is so cute standing at the window! 🙂
    Last night I had PB filled pretzels for a snack. Those strawberries look delish.


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