Storms and Cars

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday a series of severe storms hit the Ottawa area causing some damage and reports of a funnel cloud in the southern end of Ottawa. Around lunch time I saw on Twitter that a Tornado watch had been issued for the Ottawa area and the class and I proceeded to track the storms coming in (“Ms, you are such a geography teacher!”). As the storm got a bit closer, I was able to read the radar and estimate the time of arrival. Arrival time – right at the end of school. P was picking me up from school as we had to pick up the new car. As soon as the bell rang (well, no bell but an announcement), I sprinted to the car. I might as well walked because in that 5 second sprint to the car I became soaked. The kids were welcome to stay in the school until the storm passed, but many decided to bike and walk home. I thought they were a bit nuts as lightning was striking all over the place. Anyhoo – once we got out of Orleans round 1 was over  – but in between being stuck in traffic and getting to the dealership, two more storms arrived. Putting a car seat into a car in the pouring rain = FUN!

When the storms passed a few hours later, Ottawa was greeted with a beautiful sunset. I managed to get a few pictures before the sun went down for the night. Note: normally I adjust my photos on here – but these are completely unedited (minus the watermark).




So yes – the “new to us car” is here. It really does look like a brand new car – but it is over 3 years old. After examining the vehicle closely, I noticed only three small dings in the car – no scratches, paint chips or worn out parts at all. We are hoping that this car lasts us awhile – actually if the car makes it as long as the Jeep and Honda have lasted, Max will be able to have the Fusion for his very own when he turns 16 (the Jeep and Honda are 15+ years old). So, in the background of the image you can see the sad Jeep. Mr. Jeepy is being retired to “occasional use” and only being used to camping adventures and jeep club type activities. My driving the Jeep day in and day out is too much on the vehicle and P really likes to work on it. We do have to work on moving to a house that has a bigger garage, but that day won’t come for awhile longer.




This morning I went to track practice on a Saturday for the first time. The club always has practice on Saturdays but I am usually unable to make it. However, we were not allowed in our normal facility for practice, so we held an East end and West end practice. I held the East end practice at the school down the street from my house. We knew that not many kids would show up (it was optional), but 7 showed up at the West end location and 3 in the East end. Better than nothing! Max accompanied me to practice and tried to join in and apparently in the West end, some parents took part in the circuit workout! Max thought it was the best park adventure ever – as I let him have the run of the joint and let him go pretty much wherever he wanted. He ran and ran and ran. He also played in the park. He also tried to mimic the athletes by trying to do what they were doing.



Alright – Max is up from his nap and isn’t happy about it – time to roll!

Any storms in your area recently?

What are you doing tonight?

Do you edit your pictures that you post?

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  1. Amalia

    I do believe this is the day I was trying to drive back from the cottage and had to stop in multiple locations as storms kept catching up with us. Oh Ontario, I kind of missed the storms and was glad I got to witness a few despite the craziness of it all!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Not going to lie – some of the storms were pretty fun!

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