Three Things Thursday

Happy Fourth of July to my friends from America!


Three Things Thursday!


Thing #1 – Summer School = Smart Board?

Summer school started yesterday. So the next three weeks will be a little insane as I try and teach a whole course in 18 days. I probably will not be writing posts on Monday and Wednesdays until after summer school ends because of track practice. I got home from the track at 10pm last night, and all I had time for was a snack and then it was time for bed. I arrived in my classroom to find something I’ve never had in my room before in all of the 5th years that I have been teaching – A Smart Board!  I will not be using it to its full capacity during this month, but it was fun to write brainstorm charts on it and be able to save it to the computer



Thing #2 – Five Guys Burger and Fries

Work ended fairly late yesterday, so I went pretty much straight to the track. I did stop by Five Guys for a bite to eat before hand (note: I was not running or anything – otherwise a big burger isn’t a good idea). I ordered a bacon and cheese little burger and fries. It was delicious. I think Five Guys is my fave fast food burger joint in Canada (In N Out is my ultimate fave). So good! It is a mix of the toppings, bun and beef that make the burger delicious for me. I like lots of topping on my burger!



Thing #3 – Royal Baby CN Tower styles?

Apparently when the royal baby is born, the CN tower will light up blue or pink depending on the sex of the child. Not going to lie – I’m really hoping that it happens during summer school so we can watch Twitter explode.


How are you doing today?

Potato Salad or Macaroni salad?

Hot dogs or burgers?

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  1. Amalia

    Potato Salad

    And that’s awesome about the royal baby! I’m visiting Toronto for a few weeks so I’m hoping that I’m here when it lights up!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is going to be an event!


    Mustard potato salad
    Today I’m battling the blahs. Oh, well. We all have those days!
    I JUST finished teaching summer school. Finishing so fast can be quite a challenge!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is! It goes by so quickly and because I have zero breaks it is all rush rush rush

  3. Nicole

    Geez so much for getting the summer off! That’s pretty cool about the smart board though.

    I’ve never eaten at Five Guys before. Usually I prefer burgers but I’ve had way too many the last few weeks that I don’t want to see another one for the rest of the summer!

    Potato salad.

    I’m excited for the birth of the Royal baby! That’s pretty neat that they will light up the CN tower.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      lol – I haven’t taken a summer off in three years 🙂 Mostly because my employment is dependent on contracts that are not guaranteed, so I take what I can get! It will be weird one day when I can just take a whole summer off without money worries!

  4. Anna

    Today I am at work, but the office is dead quiet. Everybody else decided to take a long weekend, I suppose!
    POTATO SALAD all the way! Lots of dill!
    Burgers 🙂

    We have Smart Boards in our newer buildings on campus and I love using them!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      mmmm potato salad with dill!


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