Chicken + Avocado Salad

It may come as a bit of a shock when I have FOOD as part of my blog name – but I do not really like meat all that much. I offer meat at every meal because P and Max like their meat. I, on the other hand could go without meat for several meals. There was a time when I did not eat pork (I still have issues eating it, except bacon because, well its bacon). However, I do love burgers, prime rib and fried chicken. For most meals with meat included, I usually only eat a portion of the meat. For example, if I am having something with chicken breast, I will only eat half of it. If I am making a stir fry, I load up on the veggies. Because I do need protein, I try to make meals where meat is included, but kind of covered in something (well something other than gravy). Chicken and Avocado are a great mix together, so P made this Chicken/Avocado recipe that I really like


Chicken and Avocado



Chicken Breast

1 Avocado


Lime and Lemon juice

Corn (fresh off the cob is my favorite)



Really easy:


1) Cook the chicken in your preferred method: BBQ or oven baked are methods I use. Cook the chicken in lemon and lime juice

2) Cut the avocado and corn – put into a bowl

3) Chop as much cilantro as you like

4) Once the chicken is done, combine everything into a bowl and mix to your desired avocado consistency. Dash in some salt and pepper for good measure

5) Eat and enjoy!


It doesn’t get simpler than that!


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  1. Nicole

    I am the exact same way!! I only eat meat because I know my body needs it. I think that’s why I like casseroles and chilis because the meat is all mixed in and not just a hunk of meat on my plate.

    Thanks for posting the chicken recipes- I’m definitely going to try that!


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