Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday!!



Thing 1: Boston Marathon Information Released!


The BAA released information about registration for the 2014 Boston Marathon today. As usual, the system they have been using in the past couple of years (fastest runners register first) is what they are going to do this year. This year they are allowing 36,000 runners to register and the window for BQ’s started last September. Registration starts on September 9th! They are also giving an opportunity for runners of the 2013 Boston Marathon who did not get to cross the finish line. According to the BAA, of the over 5600 runners who did not get to cross, 4500 had said ‘yes’ to returning. Anyhoo – I have no hope in hell of doing a BQ – but maybe I will volunteer one of these years.


Thing 2: Ottawa Race Weekend Information Released


The Ottawa Race Weekend occurs on May 24-25, 2014. Registration is set to up at 6:00am on September 3rd. As usual, your race options are: marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, and 2K. This race sells out fairly fast and since race bib transfers are totally fine (thank you to all races who allow transfers), you could easily grab a bib and sell it after if something happens. I will be signing up for the 10K this year! Will you be joining me?



Thing 3: Run Disney Dumbo Double Dare

Run Disney has a race weekend coming up at Disneyland. Seems like fun times! The Disney Dumbo Double Dare is a 10K race on Saturday followed by a Half Marathon on Sunday. A bunch of the usual Disney-friend bloggers are going, so I’m sure I will hear all about it when they return after their races. Still want to do Disney Princess…..



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