Three Things Thursday: Lightning, Beaches and Mayor Ford

Happy Thursday!


I’m still working on the blog a bit – I updated my theme today (I use a theme from Theme Forest) which meant a few things had to be edited and moved around to get the blog back to where it was. But with the update comes some more bloggy/website things to play with, so I will be experimenting a bit.

Three Things Thursday


Thing 1: Lightning


It is one of those rainy, yucky days here in Ottawa – first one in awhile. A couple of claps of thunder were heard this morning, but nothing really since. Anyways a couple of weeks ago there were some large clouds floating around the Orleans area, and some were pretty dark. P and Max were at the park, while I was getting a few chores done. I noticed that it was starting to get a little too dark and heard a couple of rumbles of thunder. Since I had laundry on the line, I ran downstairs to get the clean laundry off the line. By the time I got outside, P and Max returned at started to help. We have a umbrella style clothes line that can be folded away. I was trying to get the pole out of the holder when I thought to myself “I probably shouldn’t be holding a metal rod right now” when I heard a crackle that sounded like static electricity, then a bright flash. Of course a large clap of thunder immediately happened and I may have screamed and hightailed it inside. Max followed me running, all while P was just standing there shaking his head. No idea where the lightning actually struck, but it was close!


Thing 2: Lac Phillipe

We were supposed to go to Mont Cascades yesterday, but when we arrived it was jam packed with people. Max was all “whooooaaa” when he saw the slides, and then cried when we left, including having a quivering, pouting lip. Felt like the worst Mom ever – but I don’t think being surrounded by people would have been fun. Since we were in the area, we went to Lac Phillipe in Gatineau Park instead. Max had a ball playing in the water and building a sand castle. He went “swimming”, chased seagulls and ate a nice lunch. Afterwards we went to the ice cream shop in Chelsea, but only Mom and Dad ate ice cream since Mr. Max feel asleep.



Thing 3: Mayor Ford to arm wrestle Hulk Hogan

Do I really need to add anymore? But it is true, Mr. Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford will arm wrestle Hulk Hogan at the Fan Expo Sports Convention in Toronto on Friday. Nice!


That is it for this week’s edition of Three Things Thursday!

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    I love the new theme!
    I just followed you on Twitter and Pinterest. Fun!
    Sorry, but my money would be on Hulk Hogan. 😉


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