Try a Tri Tomorrow!

Happy Friday!!


Tomorrow I will be competing in my first Triathlon with Somersault’s National Capital Triathlons event at Mooney’s Bay/Terry Fox Athletic Facility. I am only doing a ‘try a tri’ as it is a great learning experience for a beginner and the distances that you have to swim/bike/run are rather small.  The event has many different types of Triathlon’s though!

This week’s training has been pretty low key. I have only gone swimming – I swam 250m in the local pool on Monday and tested out my clothing and the water conditions at Mooney’s Bay on Wednesday (did a very small swim). The distances for tomorrow’s race are 200m swim, 20K bike and 2K run. The swim portion is simply “swim in straight line” and off you go – no turning or needing to know where buoys are. The swim will be in the swim area of Mooney’s Bay beach which features warm waters and the ability to touch the ground if needed. I will be starting at the back of the pack because it is my first competitive style swim ever and I’m not sure what to expect. The only crappy thing about the swim is the run to the transition. First you have to go up the beach, then a slight uphill to the transition area. You know those hills that I run almost every week – right beside that hill. Going to be super fun!

The bike portion is done on Colonel By Drive – aka my usual run race road, but at the southern end of the road (I have run the north end several times). If the road is anything like the rest of Colonel By – it will be super flat. We have to do two loops of a 10K course and then we are done. Unlike the swim transition, there isn’t much distance to cover from the road to transition – so it should be fairly easy to run to transition with my bike. I do not own a road bike, let alone a hybrid, so I will be using my mountain bike. However, this morning we switched the tires from mountain bike tires to “slicks” which will allow me to go a bit faster. For 20K (which I’ve done several times on my mtn bike in an urban environment), I can deal with a heavier bike. Last night P and I were switching the tires and one did not go on very well. I was pumping up the tire and when I thought I was done I looked at a part of the tire that didn’t seem right. I realized that the tire was moving and slowly backed away. At that point the tube popped. Ouch my ears! We fixed the tube and tires today and all is good. We plan on going for a bike ride tonight.

The run portion is on a route that I’ve run several times – so I know it isn’t flat at all!  The try a tri is only a 2K run, and it is pretty much all on the trail in Mooney’s Bay. There are small little hills throughout. BUT – given that it is only 2K and I can usually run a fairly fast 2K, I’m hoping to make up some time on the run and just book it (depending on how the bike goes, haha).


Tonight I have to get my gear sorted and ready. My race isn’t until 10am, but I have to go for a meeting and pick up my race kit tomorrow AM. I also am very aware of the parking constraints at the facility, so I am planning on being there super early to nab a spot in an ideal location. I am wearing a tri top and bottoms (not a onsie) and will not be wearing bike clips. I did have to purchase a new pair of sport sunglasses this week as my treasured MEC glasses broke last weekend and they do not make the Phoenix style anymore (WHY?!) – so now I have a new pair (not the same).  The longest transition will be from swim to bike as I know it is going to be balls of fun getting socks on – but hopefully the bike to run transition will be super smooth.


IMG_5776 IMG_5775

I have no idea what to expect for times as other than the run, I have no times for bike riding or swims. It is all about the experience – besides this will be an instant PB! 😉

Any tips/tricks?

Are you doing any racing this weekend? (Good luck to Nicole running SeaWheeze next weekend!)

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  1. Nicole

    Good luck! I’m sure you will do great. Tris are a lot of fun.

    My tips would be to practice your transitions and lay everything out in an easy manner in the order you will put things on so you don’t waste too much time. I also found having a spare small towel to stand on during T1 was helpful in keeping my feet clean and dry before I put my shoes on. Think about every last detail like having your sunglasses “open” and in your helmet so you remember to put them on quickly, your shoes laces untied, and loose so it’s easier to slip your feet in, your garmin or watch in your helmet so you don’t forget to grab it (if you plan on wearing it for the bike), I also always had an extra water bottle in transition to take a drink or even use to wash off my feet if they got really muddy running through transition.

    Oh this brings back memories!

    I’m not racing this weekend, but next. Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It went well!

      Almost forgot to take off the helmet for the run though – that would have been fun!

  2. Kristi

    I’ll be at the race tomorrow too, but no Tri for me, just the 10k race. I have done many of the Somersault races but not this particular one so am looking forward to something different. Thankfully I went to get my kit tonight since I really had no idea where I was going, made a few wrong turns.
    I am going to treat this as nothing but a fun run. Whatever I feel like doing I will do. And since I have no kids in tow (or a patient hubby) I will probably hang out a little and try to get a sense of how the du’s and tri’s work just in case one day….

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      You should try a try a tri – especially the National Capital one! It wasn’t too bad at all 🙂

      How did your race go?


    I’m so excited to hear how you do!!! I did my first (and only, so far) tri last year in the Fall and I just wanted to get through the darn thing. The run was in a pool. I’m not sure if I prefer that or not!
    I’m so pumped.
    Run hard!
    Have fun!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)


      It went well! I didn’t come last!!


        I meant that the SWIM was in the pool! Sheesh!
        Glad you did well 🙂 Awesome!!!


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