Workouts + Hiking with Max

Now that the pressure is off for getting super long runs in, I can relax and focus on improving my 5K time, and doing other activities (especially ones involving P and Max since they can’t really come on long runs with me). This weekend I came back to the fitness world with a bang and completed many different activities – not just running.


14KM (8.6 miles) bike ride with P and Max – 56 minutes

We did a easy bike ride around the paths near our home Saturday morning with P pulling Max in the Chariot. We did a pretty steady pace. When we hit our turn around point at the 30 minute mark, P told me to try and go faster – so I did. I ended up fairly ahead and stopped to wait for them at a soccer field. P said that I should try his bike with Max attached, so I biked P’s bike all the way home, which included the 1.5KM uphill. I did just fine! After the ride, some neighbourhood kids were selling lemonade so we purchased a few cups – yum!

3K run – 16:22 (around a 5:27 km pace or around 8:50 mile pace)

One of my fastest 3K runs in quite some time. I was fairly out of breath by the end of it. I only did 3K because it was past 8pm and I don’t really like running at night. So I did my usual 1.5K down the street and back, which includes a small incline at the end.



We took Max on his first “big boy” hike with the Alpine Club of Canada. Usually kids don’t go on these hikes, so Max was in his MEC (formally known as Mountain Equipment Co-op – a big outdoors store here in Canada) carrier, and worn by P. We took him for a test run and he was all smiles. He continued being a smiley face on the hike. We hiked from about 9:15 to 12:30pm and he did not complain, cry or whine once. Everyone was really impressed. All Max could do was look around and go “whooooaaaaa!”.  I also think he liked being carried by Daddy. I’m not sure of the total distance of the hike, but it is maybe 7-8KM? It has some uphill sections, but it was a very easy hike.















Off Day – but I did wash and clean the cars. That counted as exercise, trust me!


5K Steady Run – 28:20 (5:40 km pace or about 9:05 pace).

I went out originally to run 4K, but I felt good so I continued to run to 5K. I did my usual down the road and on the path route. At one point it looked like I would PB,  but heavy legs and a traffic light stop meant that I stopped for awhile. My moving time was 27:31. This was my fastest training run to date and shows some promise for my upcoming Army Run 5K as I was not at race pace, nor did I have music, cheering people or people to pace with. The plan is to get very comfortable running a 5:30-ish pace.

Tomorrow we are going out for a day of water activities – Mont Cascades and maybe Lac Phillipe too! A stop to the Chelsea, QC ice cream shop may also be a possibility!




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  1. Jessie

    Your little guy is precious.. esp with his oversized hat 🙂

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Max is so stinking cute! I can’t handle it. Have fun with the rest of your week…I think ice cream is a must 😉


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