Army Run Tomorrow!

Sorry about the lack of posts over the past few weeks – commuting has taken a large toll of my blogging time away, as well as running time. I also started coaching track again as well as starting my grad school course. However, I finished my small little contract-assignment this week, so I am a “free agent” (aka supply teacher) until further notice. I’m not too concerned about it. I am pretty certain I can get a decent amount of work.  My workload has varied so much in the past two years that I am very much used to not working full-time for extended periods of time. This just means I will have to hold off on buying that shiny new gold iPhone until Christmas!


Tomorrow is the Army Run! 

I picked up the race kit in record time today. P parked with Max on a road just inside Ottawa City Hall and I ran (literally – I was running) to the race kit pickup, got my bib and t-shirt, booked it to the expo to scan my bib and high-tailed it out of there. All of this was done in a run. So, if you saw a person in a purple sweater running around – that was me! There was zero line at race kit pick up (FINALLY – this never happens at Army Run). They changed the race kit pickup and expo spots around so that instead of lining up in a tent to pick up your bib and going inside the Army building for the bib scan and expo – it was reversed. This gave the kit pickup area a much bigger space. The expo is smaller than the Ottawa Race Weekend, but features all of your fave running stores. I didn’t look at anything though because I have no money (I was not paid yesterday when I should have been – much longer story) so I ran through the expo. I did see a little stand with running jewellery and medal holders though, darn!





I woke up today with my sinuses clogged. Not too big of a deal, as my nose is almost always stuffed up and I tend to breath through my mouth. I am drinking David’s Tea Cold 911 right now and will be for the rest of the evening. I told feel sick – just a bit tired and the sinus clog-feeling kind of makes me feel a bit loopy. No big deal! I have taken two weeks off of hard running because I started to feel some pains in my lower legs. I have been playing lots of dodgeball, soccer and basketball with the kids at school, so I haven’t been totally off being lazy. I also do about 20 minutes of yoga with the students in the morning. I should have fresh legs for tomorrow.

My goal for tomorrow is to do a sub-26 5K. I may be able to pull off a sub-25 but I do not think I am there yet. We will see tomorrow. The game plan is to stick to 5:10 KM. I do NOT want to see a 4:XX flash on the Garmin for that first KM. That will ensure that I have a sucky KM 4. I am certainly not ready for multiple sub 5:00 KM yet – that will be next year’s goal. Right now I think it is best to do 5:10’s and if I feel comfortable, go fast. If I don’t? Oh well! I will be bringing my iPod shuffle with me tomorrow, but I may be leaving it in my bag. If I run with a friend, I will be leaving it, but if not – I still might leave it in the bag. The downtown Ottawa 5K route is almost always completely lined with spectators so the energy from the crowds is massive.

If you did not read Thursday’s post – go here for some tips on the Army Run!

If you are racing tomorrow – let me know! I’m always on board for having a running buddy!

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  1. Kristi

    Have a great time tomorrow and good luck with your goal! I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.

    Think of me when you are done the race and I am still running/limping/crawling towards the finish line.

    Just sat with my kids and watched a Terry Fox movie for inspiration.


    Good luck in your race! I know you can get the time you’re shooting for!


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