Day in the Life: Ottawa U Tuesday Edition

For the next 12 Tuesdays, I will be attending a night class at the University of Ottawa in one of my grad school classes. This will be my last in-school class in grad school as I only have one more course to finish and it is online next semester. This also has the potential to be the last in-school class I ever take – ever, forevers! Because I am commuting to a school across town, there are some complications in terms of time and transportation. Today was a bit more complicated because Max had to go to CHEO (P took him), which meant I did not have my car. So – here is a day in the life when I commute via public transit and have night class!


5:50am – Wake up. Wonder for a second why in the world my alarm is going off, isn’t it Saturday?!?

6:00am – check the iPad for emails, weather, the twitter

6:10 – Shower time! Time to get un-smelly! Some days I wash my hair, some days I don’t. Today is a hair washing day.

6:25 – Get dressed. Because I have class, I decided to dress casually in jeans and a purple zip-up hoodie. We dress casual in my line of work (heels would never work in my classroom right now).

6:45 – Help get Max ready for the day. Normally I would be the one changing his diaper, his clothes and that sort of thing – but P is home, so he gets to do that. I start getting antsy about leaving and declare that Tim Hortons isn’t happening and make myself a travel mug. I also prepare my lunch.

7:00am – head out the door into the small car to drive to the OC Transpo Park and Ride.

7:05am – Realize that the OC Transpo park and ride parking lot is full – which means I have to drive to the overflow parking lot near the mall. This means that I am driving and parking farther away from the bus stop than I live – but I don’t walk the path from my house to the station at night (no lights and all trees), so I have to suck it up buttercup. It is pouring rain at this point, and even with an umbrella I am soaked.

7:25am – Hop on the 95 and head downtown

8:00am – Arrive at my school’s station – walk on the path to the school


8:15am – Get Settled in school – eat my breakfast which is a bagel today.

9:00am – Students arrive to class – I’m busy with them all morning

I don’t like to talk about my job on here (and really shouldn’t) – but I teach in a special education class. I teach math, language arts and gym everyday. I am with the same group of students all day. Although they go outside the class for lunch, I still stay in the room. This way I can hear anything that goes on and the students know where to find me.

11:00am – assembly. I proceed to be extremely bored for the next 30 minutes

11:30am – LUNCH! I had leftover Chinese Food, a peach and yoghurt

12:30pm – Students come back to class. I am busy with them all afternoon

2:00pm – Prep period which I spend writing emails and doing some photocopying.

3:00pm – Students go home and I wrap up the day with the rest of the staff

3:30pm – Head to the bus and hop on any bus that goes downtown


4:00pm – Arrive downtown and walk to the printing place where I pick up my course reading material

4:15pm – Dinner time at Rideau Centre. I get a pizza and a perrier – it was yummy!

5:00pm – Start walking to Ottawa U (which is downtown)

5:30pm – Grab a coffee and head to class

6:00pm – bored in class – but laugh at some of the prof’s sayings. He is (in his own words) “unapologically old school”. He says things like “look at me with my iWhatever, so cool and so texty!” (being sarcastic), and “What does my computer screen say about me? It says this guy can’t organize for shit!” and insults our intelligence several times – but at least I actually learn something in his class!

8:35pm – class ends and I head to the bus stop

9:10pm – arrive back in Orleans and hop in the car to go home

9:20pm – home and proceed to do dishes


9:40pm – Sit at computer to write this post and watch an episode of Breaking Bad on the iPad



10:30ish – head to bed! Sleepy time for me

That is my day on Tuesday’s! Note that I do not get to see Max on these days, except in the morning. BUT – next week I have to drop Max off at daycare, so I will have some time with him then.

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  1. Nicole

    Jeans and a hoodie? Sounds so comfortable! I would miss my heels though!

    That’s crazy that you had to drive and walk farther to the bus stop than your house is to the bus stop! I understand why you wouldn’t want to walk in the dark in a secluded area.

    How nice to have all the dishes left for you! That happens at my house a lot too. Sometimes dishes are easier than fighting bedtime.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      We run around quite a bit – so casual dress rules in the spec ed wing (although I still dress it up a bit) – but some teachers in the regular classrooms are wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts….

      The dishes being left happens way too often when I am away at school or track. The big thing is that because P works late on Wednesdays, if I just left the dishes, I would have to do them anyways. I have a routine in the evening – dishes are done as soon as Max is in bed, then I get to work/relax.

      1. Nicole

        Oh it definitely makes sense!

        If we eat dinner early enough I do the dishes before A goes to bed. If we eat late then either I do the dishes after she goes to bed or J does them while I put her to bed. I also do all the lunch prep at night time.


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