It is almost October and I got a sunburn






Today was our Saturday morning track practice and I dressed in capri yoga pants, the red top and my black jacket. It was really warm out, so the jacket came off fairly early. Since it is the end of September and it was the morning, I did not think that I needed sunscreen. Well, apparently I did.

Just when you think that your sports bra tan is gone for the year – BOOM, new burn which will mean new weird tan lines! Today was a fairly intense workout – some athletes got a bit sick at the end. Ick.

It was a beautiful day for what I think is our last track practice at Terry Fox Athletic Facility. I do not remember if we are moving back to the Dome this week or next, but I do think that this was my last day at the track. It is too bad because it is a beautiful facility. But with that, comes some new upcoming plans with the club (more details later). But until then, it is back to the dome, which fortunately for me is only 10 minutes from my house. Until next spring, Terry Fox Track!


photo 3


photo 2







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