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Happy Wednesday!


As of right now I am not working today, but heading out to Kanata to deliver some things that P forgot to bring to work today. See – benefits of me not working fulltime, I can bring people things!…….

Anyways, so part of being so busy while commuting is that I don’t have time to regularly blog about things – but now that I have my 2 hrs back, I can share more!


So first things first – I said goodbye to my Eddie Bauer backpack of over 10 years this weekend. I’ve had the backpack since my second year of university. This backpack was my ‘school’ backpack (we will not discuss the large amount of hiking packs we have downstairs). The backpack lasted me through university (parts I and II), track and field meets and countless airplane rides. But, the zipper on the front pocket was broken so that every once in awhile it would open up and contents would pour out. Not ideal! Eddie Bauer has a lifetime guarantee on their backpacks so I went to the store at the mall to see if they could give me anything for it. I was expecting nothing but laughter, but the manager said that he could give me a $25 gift card for it – score! So I took a look at what they had and picked out this pack.


Unlike my previous backpack that was more for “school” with one front pocket and the large section for school supplies, this one is more of a day hiker pack. It has three pockets, lots of attachments, a water bottle holder (so needed that on my last pack!), and a spot for a water bladder. The section that rests on my back is also one of those formed, padded backs that makes carrying the backpack easy. Since I do not travel with large amounts of binders and books anymore, this backpack is more suited for my needs. That, and I like the colour!

On Saturday, we had to go to the United States to pick up a package from the UPS store. We only live an hour from the border, so we use the UPS store quite often (as do many other Canadians, evident by the large amount of Ontario license plates we saw). Since P wanted Max and I to go, I said a trip to the US Walmart, across from the UPS store was in order so I could get some yoghurt. Yup, yoghurt! Chobani is one of my fave brands of yoghurt, and all you guys torture me with your pictures of eating chobani all the time. So I needed to buy some! I really like the Chobani flip – it is really tasty! I also bought Birthday cake Oreos and that pumpkin pie bar mix (which I made cheesecake with).



In other news – I received a package from Rub-A535 a couple of weeks ago. I very rarely receive any free products or that sort of thing from companies, so it was nice to see a Fed-Ex package on my doorstep. Inside was a Triple-Action cream, water bottle and a sports towel. I did try the Triple-Action cream and it is less strong than other Rub-A535 creams. I don’t use these kind of muscle creams all that often (I am more of a roller kind of girl). What I do like about muscle soreness creams is the warming feeling. But – I tend to not like the smell, especially when it is on clothes. This cream isn’t too bad






Note: I wasn’t asked nor paid to mention the Triple Action Cream – But I figured I should share it anyways.

I was definitely not asked or given anything for free from the folks at Eddie Bauer or Chobani – but if they ever want to send me backpacks and yoghurt…..


And finally – a cute picture of Max!

IMG_6040 (1)


What are you doing today?

What is your fave brand of yoghurt?

Do you use a backpack regularly?


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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    This might be a stupid question, but when you bring the yogurts across the border, does border control have to check them? I haven’t traveled through borders via car, so I’m not sure what the protocol is. I use a backpack during my school days and that’s it 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      You have to declare the amount of goods purchased – you get asked for a total amount. Then we have to pay our tax on it and that is it! I think there is a limit on dairy products, but they didn’t ask for that. What I didn’t know is that it is ok to bring alcohol over even if you were out for an hour – you just have to pay duty/tax – I saw some Sam Adams that I wanted to bring back, but didn’t

      It is a big deal when you don’t declare. If you don’t and they search your car – you are in big trouble


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