Noodle Arms

On Saturday we had a little coach’s meeting after practice to discuss what the plans were for the upcoming year and how we want to change things a bit. We were discussing a new approach to the group, and in that discussion, a joke was made about about how funny it would be if I were the throwing coach because of the size of my “guns”.


Yes – I do have noodle arms! I almost always have had noodle arms. BUT, I can still do push-ups!

Since I have time to go to the gym now – it is time to start incorporating weights back into my training. I have barely done any weight training at all this summer – other than the occasional breaking out in a plank or random set of push-ups. During the winter I go to the gym quite often, and during high school track season, I work out with the kids in the weight room, so I do get *some* weights in. Because I am not working today, I went to the gym!


Rather than driving to the gym, I ran there. I live fairly close to the local Goodlife, only 1.5KM, cutting through the OC Transpo Park and Ride. I ran there only at a talking pace, as it was a warm-up run, not a training run. It is an absolutely gorgeous day out – so I wore a tank top! Can’t say that I’ve worn my tank tops this often at this time of year!


Sunny Selfie – HA

Short cut!

Short cut!



At the gym I concentrated on arm weights. Oh, did I struggle! Let’s just say I was on the second lightest weight for every arm weight that I tried. So, yes, noodle arms are confirmed! I also did some leg weights and a few planks for good measure. After about 40 minutes, I ran home.

Just a little sweaty

Just a little sweaty

While at the gym, there was an older man there that looked very much like Breaking Bad’s Walter White – glasses, moustache and all! It was a little creepy, especially after last night’s series finale! Did you watch it? Even though I am only on episode 5, I did watch the show last night. It mostly made sense for me – but I figured the ending would be ruined unless I stayed off the twitter for the entire day. But, in the last fifteen minutes, Max had a nightmare, so I did miss a big section in the end. I figure it will take me a year to watch all the episodes!

Always waiting for traffic lights

Always waiting for traffic lights


What is your workout plan for today?

Do you frequent the gym?

Do you have noodle arms too?

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  1. Nicole

    I wish I had noodle arms (as in skinny, not weak)! I need to start working them out more as I noticed some jiggling while in yoga (stupid mirrors). I’m going to focus more on strength training for the next 5 months since my running will be slowing down drastically.

    That’s great that you are so close to the gym that you can run there.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      hehe! We joke around with the track team that the sprinter group is so big in the legs, but tiny in the arms!

      I go to Goodlife and there are three fairly close to me – I like it! Although I’m probably not going to continue my membership if I keep up with track coaching since I get access to weights there!

  2. Anna

    Sigh, I need to work on my upper body strength. Good for you!


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