Running and other workouts this week

Happy Friday!


Today was a bit of an off week because of my return to school and Max’s broken leg issue. I did manage to get some workouts in. Also, I current teach a class of phys ed to my class every day so I am getting *some* workouts in at school. The two hours I waste sitting in traffic has definitely put a damper on things!



Sunday – 3K run


On Sunday, I set out to run 3K while Max was having his bedtime milk. Because the days are getting shorter, the days of going out after Max has gone to bed are pretty much over. I’ve said numerous times that I do not go out running in the dark, and that is probably not going to change anytime soon unless I find a running friend in the area. I might start going to the gym and running on the treadmill though. Anyways, I made it a quick 3K in my usual route. I ran the 3K in 16:25 which is fairly fast. My splits were: 5:32, 5:38 and 5:15. I did have to stop at the traffic lights. It was an ok run for me – I am definitely feeling more comfortable running in the 5:30 pace.


Monday – 15KM bike ride

We planned on meeting up with some friends at a park and decided to bike there. This bike ride was really really slow. So slow that I could run faster than how fast I biked. We did the ride in about 1:20. Some of our KM splits were super slow. But it was just a leisurely bike ride for us.


Thursday – 5K run

P took Max to Home Depot for a lil boy shopping time, which meant I was free to go and do a run. It was a crisp, cool night which meant I wasn’t dying of humidity, YAY! I set out to do 5K. I did not go fast, but concentrated on doing a steady pace. I hovered at the 5:50 pace, which was feeling really, really good. Definitely feeling very comfortable at that pace. I completed the run in 29:31 with splits 6:19, 5:43, 5:49, 6:08 and 5:31 (the 6’s are from the stop light as usual). Again, a very comfortable run for me!


The plan this weekend is to run the MEC Road Race at Mooney’s Bay on Sunday. I am planning on running the 5K – the last 400m is on the track, which should be fun! Feel free to join me if you want – the MEC races are great little races!

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  1. Kristi

    Sounds like you are getting some good runs in. Too bad we are not in the same area, we could do some evening runs together and not have to worry about the dark. I love the fact the cooler weather is here but hate the early sunsets.
    We’ll be at the Run for the Animals race tomorrow. I’m not running but Evan is doing the 5k and Luke is doing the 1k race.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Hope the boys have fun at Run for the Animals! I was thinking about that one, but the $15 MEC race charge was a bit more in my budget 😉

      1. Kristi

        Yes, have to admit that when I told Evan he could do the 5k run if he wanted I assumed he would get the student 40% discount that Somersault normally offers. It wasn’t until I went to register online that I realized the registration wasn’t through Somersault and there was no discount info. Luckily we decided to wait and ask in person at registration. When my husband went today to register they had no idea if kids got a discount so said Evan could register for the 5k for $15, the same price as the kids’ 1k. Otherwise it would have been a pricey race day.
        I’ll have to try a MEC race sometime, I have heard good things.
        Good luck tomorrow!


    Sounds like you had a solid week of running (poor Max!). I hope your race this weekend goes (went) well!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It did! Yay running!


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