Three Things Thursday: Commuting Edition

Happy Thursday!


Max is doing fine – he has been in great spirits and has kind of figured out how to play and move around with his heavy cast on. He keeps pointing to it and asking “waaa daa?”. He is at daycare and doing fine

photo 1


 Commuting Edition


Thing #1 – Commuting sucks

I am not sure how some of you do it, but I really hate commuting. It isn’t necessarily the time though – it is the time spend sitting in stupid traffic. I am only about 20 minutes from work, but with traffic (which is made worse by construction) my drive can be over an hour. For those from Ottawa, you probably know exactly where I get stuck – the split. It literally takes me almost 40 minutes to go maybe 5 KM. But once you get through the split and past downtown there is zero traffic.

Thing #2 – Commuting time can change

For the first few days of commuting, it took me over an hour to get to work. Today (using the same exact route and pretty much the same exact time) – 40 minutes. People were even surprised that I walked in early! Reason? I don’t know, maybe people wanted Thursday off? Or perhaps they learned how to merge properly (doubt it)? But – it wasn’t too bad at all! I did manage to get to work early enough to eat my oatmeal in a Cookie Butter breakfast!

photo 2

Thing #3 – Yay new car!

It was a very smart idea to purchase a new to us vehicle over the summer. I drive roughly 75Km a day in my commuting adventure and having a newer car compared to the jeep means that I get way more mileage for my $$. I basically will have to fill up once a week. If I was taking my jeep it would probably mean two fill ups a week – yikes! It is also nice to have A/C and iPod access too ­čÖé

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    Max looks like he’s being a trooper!
    Driving slowly like that is maddening. Are you going to do any audiobooks or podcasts?

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m not into audiobooks – but I have listened to some new music and I listen to the local radio show in the morning.

  2. Nicole

    Ugh I hate commuting too. Not sure if I hate it in the car or on the train more. Either way it sucks. Glad the new car is proving to be worth it though.

    Looks like Max is taking the cast in stride. Audrey would not be impressed one bit!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I prefer public transit BUT that is next to impossible with daycare involved. I could easily take the bus to work (one bus, 35 minutes). But can’t do that with Max involved

      1. Nicole

        Why would a bus take less time than driving? Bus lane?

        Public transit takes me way longer (drive to the train station and then take the train). I also can’t read on the train/bus/car so it’s not like I can use the time to do other things.

        My commute is even longer on the way home now because I have to drive so far out of the way to the dayhome. It’s on the way to downtown for hubby to do drop offs so it’s more convenient to drive but when parking is $500 a month it’s not affordable!

        Hubby actually works 2-3 blocks away from me, with a paid parking spot, but we can’t commute together because our hours are different and A can’t go to the dayhome at 6:15am!

        1. Rebecca (Post author)

          Here in Ottawa we have a transit way – so the buses that are more ‘express’ with stops positioned like train/subway stations, zoom past traffic! I can get downtown faster on the bus than taking my car! I can’t read on moving vehicles, so I like to listen to music and just relax. I think I savour the relaxation time because of the nature of my job (kids always yellin’ at me!).


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