Adventures in Toddlerhood

Another weekend is done, and another week is beginning. This weekend was a kind of boring one because P had lots of work to get done. I definitely did not get as much done as I wanted to, but groceries and laundry was completed at least!

Max is approaching two years of age fairly quickly. He is 22 months as of next week and every week getting to be more like a two year old. Good news – the cast is off! We went to CHEO on Tuesday, did the whole X-ray thing again, and the doctor gave the all clear to no more cast. Max is still walking with a bit of a limp, but apparently that takes a few weeks to get better. We took him to the park quite a bit this week, and he is liking that he is allowed to walk outside again. In fact, he insisted on walking from the car to the grocery store the other day, wouldn’t be held and didn’t want to hold hands. There are some other moments that have been rather interesting in the past months:


– The other night we decided to order Boston Pizza for ourselves for when Max went to bed. Max had his own dinner as it was fairly late when we decided to even think about dinner. We go to Boston Pizza fairly often, but there is a window of opportunity to go because of Max’s bedtime and the fact that most of the time by 6pm, the restaurant is packed. Max knows what Boston Pizza is, and he knows when he goes to BP, he gets Bugs and Cheese (Mac and Cheese). So P went to go pick up the food while Max had a bath. When P returned, Max saw the corner of the bag and starts yelling “CHEEEEESE! CHEEEEESE!” – I have no idea how he already knows the Boston Pizza symbol, but he does!

– Knowing how to open the front door – and being almost tall enough to unlock it. The other day, P was sealing the driveway and Max took off out the door and ended up on the driveway with just socks on, which were not covered in that driveway seal stuff.

– Helping himself to more drinks by grabbing a sippy cup, opening the fridge and grabbing some milk. Then he helps himself to cheese and possibly a green bean. Sometimes he just likes to remove things like milk bags (milk comes in bags where I am from) and ketchups and line them all up on the coffee table – then put them back exactly where they come from. I really need to lock that fridge

– Having a new little girlfriend at daycare and giving her the stink-eye when she started to hysterically cry. He also doesn’t like it when she gets extra attention from Mama #1 or Mama #2 (he calls the daycare lady Mama). His other girlfriend has left the daycare, I don’t think he minds.

– Deciding to try out some lipstick and mascara while I was getting ready the other day. Of course he goes for the expensive Sephora lipstick which is also very hard to get off. He has a slight obsession with lip gloss and lipstick – probably comes from me….


– Knowing how every thing works – the TV, DVD player, stereo, vacum, you name it – if he has seen you use it, he will know how! So many times I have caught him running to the couch and turning the TV on. While doing that, he also grabs a pillow, blankie and a snack.


– Getting into screaming and fit-throwing. Yesterday, I said he couldn’t play in the fridge and he just downright screamed at me over and over again. So off for a car ride and grocery store trip we went. He got the screaming from his previous daycare girlfriend, but he still has yet to really use the word ‘No’. He also threw his spoon at me at dinner the other night and it landed in my drink.


Max is becoming more and more interesting and independent as the days go on. I’m sure that being two is going to bring loads of other adventures!

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Mary

    That photo at the end of the post! He could be in a Shakespeare Play! TO BE OR NOT TO BE!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      That or “my precious!” He has funny facial expressions!


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