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Today has been one of those days that I am I’m somewhere else, as if I am not on this planet. A mix of not getting enough sleep, a bit too much on the go, and the weird feelings that I get whenever I am working back in my old school ( all good though). I was completely out to lunch when I got to school and for most of the first period. Second period went by really slowly, painfully slow. ¬†So, I knew that I needed to wake up and do something to get me out of my dazed state. I am only two minutes from home today, so I went home for lunch time for a little dance party action.

Most of the time I am really good at suppressing feelings and I would say that I am usually cool as a cucumber. Many people have said how relaxed and calm I seem to be regarding my employment situation, and I would say that most of the time I am. But, like everyone, I have bad days.

There are various strategies that I use to stay calm and relaxed. Sometimes I need to use a variety of these strategies to stay balanced, and there are some strategies that I use almost on a daily basis (working out!). So here are a few that I thought of this afternoon while watching yet another fantastic educational film:


1) Dance Party! Dancing it out

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you may be familiar with Christina and Meredith “dancing it out” whenever they feel the need to. Dance parties are fun! If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen a tweet where I commented about not being able to work in a cubicle because when I work at a desk, I just want to break out into a dance. I also like to dance in my car – yay tinted windows!


2) Go for a Run/Work-out

Random planks, fast runs and pumping some iron are all fool-proof ways to get me into a better mood. If I am feeling uppity, I usually do a couple rounds of 60 second planks and I’m good. One of the things I miss about the program I was in during September was morning yoga – best way to start the day!


3) Watch your Favorite Movie

The Holiday, Devil Wears Prada, and any Batman movie are my go-to movies when I feel like going home and crashing. I might actually watch Batman tonight, it has been awhile!

4) Scream

During the last episode of ER, one scene has a doctor who just finished his very long shift yelling out “FREEDOM!!!!!” and doing some fist pump action. I may have done that on my last day of work at my old school last year. There are also some days that my work is so frustrating that I may let out a silent scream in between classes. However, you don’t have to scream alone, you could also listen to some screaming-style music and rock out at the same time.

5) Order in your favorite Take-out and have a glass of wine

Or a glass of beer. Thai food, Pho and sushi are my fave good-time-in-my-belly meals. Man, I am hungry all of a sudden


6) Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches are the cure-all for anything. Especially if they are homemade and covered in caramel and chocolate sauce. And whipped creme. HUNGRY AGAIN!

7) Speaking of Sandwiches – watch this video:

8) Make your own subtitles for educational movies with poor acting

photo 1

“So, I was thinking that later on we could watch a Honey Boo Boo Marathon, followed by some Jon and Kate Plus 8 for some good ol’ times, what do you think?”

9) Treat  yourself!

But try to make a spending limit. Buy a new workout shirt, a new piece of art, or get a haircut!

10) Write!

Write a blog post if you have one, or write in a journal. I actually wrote this post in class while they were watching the movie.

photo 2

What are some of the ways that you relax and de-stress?

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