Post-Race Eats: Milk 2 Go Sport Review

Directly after finishing the race and making it through the finishing chute – it is time for the food line. The Ottawa races that I’ve been to lately have been lacking in food that I like to eat after a race. Both the Army Run and the Ottawa Run Weekend 5K had yogurt and bars on offer. Yogurt is the last thing that I want after a race. Bagels, a common after race snack are also not on my ‘want’ list. Rattle me Bones usually has chili on offer – which is a nice change! The annual Cookie Run here in Ottawa, has cookies at the end (Girl Guides cookies!!) – when I told a few of my students last Thursday about that, they said that they would “run for cookies”, which I then wrote on the whiteboard as evidence that they in fact did state that.

I cannot tell you how many race reviews I have read where the food at the end of the race looks amazing. Bagels and bars are just not my thing.  But pancakes, cookies, crepes, beer – sure!  So this leads into a bit of a problem. If I do not eat something after a race, I feel like absolute crap about an hour after – which can last all day. So therefore, I have to really make the effort to eat something. I have started to fill my bag with my own food, so I have something I know I will eat afterwards. Common choices I throw in my race bag include Clif Bars, dark chocolate, apples and croissants.

Another product that I tried during last week’s Fall Colours Race was a chocolate milk by Saputo that had extra protein in the drink. It is being marketed as an after sport recovery drink. Chocolate Milk is a very popular recovery drink by many people. Milk 2 Go Sport is available in two flavours: chocolate and vanilla and has 26 grams of protein in each bottle. Milk 2 Go Sport uses Canadian Milk and is produced in Ottawa. I was sent both flavours to try out in a spikes/shoes bag (I have so many now!). As soon as I arrived home from my race, I cracked open my chocolate milk and sipped it while putting my race gear away. The drink did not taste any different than your standard glass of chocolate milk. I tried another company’s chocolate protein drink once, and it did not settle in my stomach very well. Milk 2 Go Sport went down without a problem. I’m not sure if it was because of the Milk or not, but I did not feel bad after the race (well, minus the 4.3KM stuff).

I tried the vanilla flavour at school after I went on a 2.5K run and played 30 minutes of dodgeball with a bunch of students. The vanilla flavour was alright, but not my favorite flavour. I definitely preferred the chocolate! Both milks were not super rich (which is good, for me) and tasted just like regular flavoured milk. The suggested retail price of the drinks is between $1.99 and $2.49 – similar price points for Vitamin Waters or other Sports drinks. However, I rarely buy those drinks, so it is unlikely that I will purchase the Milk 2 Go Sport milks regularly. They do make for a special treat after a race though!

Some Nutritional Information

Type of milk used – Skim Milk (regular chocolate milk uses 1%)

Calories – 200

Protein – 26g

Carbs – 21g

Potassium – 340mg

Sodium – 105mg

Calcium – 70% of your daily intake

Fat – 1g

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Disclosure: I was given 2 bottles of Milk 2 Go Sport to try. I was not paid for my review, nor was I asked to write one. As always, all opinions are my own. 



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  1. Nikki

    I am a big chocolate milk lover so I was curious about the Milk 2 Go version. I too have tried one of those “other” milk/protein drinks and had to spit it out. Yuck. Thanks for sharing the review!


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