Rattle me Bones is a Go

Happy Saturday!


I started my day with a 5K run on a perfect Fall day. P took Max to the grocery store while I ran. I ran a near PB, with a time of 26:46 (my PB is 26:22). I still ran positive splits, but I did run fairly steady. My splits were 5:10, 5:13, 5:21, 5:24, and 5:37 (stupid traffic lights!). I felt pretty good for the entire run. The weather was absolutely perfect – sun with some clouds and 14 degrees. I wore my MEC shorts (that are starting to get to be too big) and my red Army Run tech shirt from this year’s race. My standard 5K route is an out and back route that goes past my former work. It is a fairly flat course except for the first and last KM, which is on a bit of a hill. It isn’t too bad, but on days that I am feeling extra speedy, I run a bit past the 2.5KM mark so I don’t have to tackle the big rise at the top. BUT – the whole last 1.5 KM is a steady incline. I managed to not get stuck too bad going through the first pass through the traffic lights, but the second time I had to run around in circles as to not dead stop. Hence why my last KM was much slower. I was aiming for a PB time, but it wasn’t in the cards today! I almost earned a runner’s bag by nearly throwing up my breakfast, but I fought it and didn’t earn the badge.


So I have just signed up for another year of Rattle me Bones. Rattle me Bones is a race held by the Ottawa Hospital in support of Bone Cancer Research conducted at the hospital. It is a race held the weekend before Halloween and therefore is a bit of a ‘costume race’. The first year I ran, I did not wear a costume, but last year, I was Batgirl! This race has a bit of a curse, since it has been rainy and cold both years that I have run it, and both of those years for different reasons, I was no where near the start line when the start gun went off. I remember hearing the gun last year and thinking “that isn’t my race – OH MY GOSH IT IS” and literally booking it to where everyone was running.

This will most likely be my last 5K of the season. I traditionally take a bit of a break from racing from November to December. I *may* run the Resolution Run on New Year’s Eve, but I am unsure about that. Usually my first run of the new year is in March. So – it is time to go out with a bang! The course is fairly flat, and this will be my last chance this year to try and go sub-26. Of course, wearing a costume may not really help with that – but we will see.

Which comes to the fundraising part. I am trying to raise at least $100. My costume as of right now, is Batgirl, which does not effect my running whatsoever, and I look ‘nice’ in it. If I raise $101 or more, I will be changing my costume to something a bit more extreme – like: Gumby, A Giant Hot Dog, or a giant M&M. The only thing is that I need to be able to breath, so no morph suits that cover my face (I don’t wear the Batgirl Mask either).

So – do you want to help?

Please visit my fundraising page and consider leaving a donation. Anything helps – whether it is $5 or $50. If you do leave a donation, and choose to leave your name – I will put your name in a draw and if I reach $100 – you get to help pick out my costume 🙂

I may also do a giveaway this week as well!


Hope you are all having a great weekend!!


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  1. Nicole

    You are getting so fast!! Sounds like a pretty good chance at getting your PR at this race. I’d love to do a costume race but I think I need to hang up my racing shoes for a little while.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Probably 🙂 I think I did my last race at 5 months pregnant and at the end of that race said “the hell with this!” – I was sooooo slow and it just didn’t feel good.

      I’m hoping for a PR! This race is much smaller than Army Run – so the chances are good! If my former school is going, I will have students/coaches to race with, which usually gets me going a bit faster too!

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