Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday!


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I am on a break at school right now, so I figured it was a good time to write. I am at my usual school today, teaching Phys Ed which is nice! I head to the track after work for my own workout and then coaching the team. Afterwards, I have a date with the couch where I shall be watching Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood.

Alright – another edition of

Three Things Thursday



Thing #1 – Not 5 Outfit Thursday

I coach almost every Thursday, which means I tend to change upwards of five times during the day. I sometimes do not teach first thing, so I take Max to daycare in some sort of soccer mom attire. Then, depending on my job, I could be in dress clothes or phys ed clothes. After work, I change into my own workout clothes and complete some form of physical activity. Since no one likes a sweaty coach, I change before coaching. When I get home – I need to change again, this time into comfy clothes! Today I have only put on one outfit (yoga pants, a tech t-shirt and  my purple athletic sweater). I will be changing for track, but I might put this same outfit on for coaching. Whoa!

Thing #2 – Test Tomorrow

It is no big secret that I am looking for another job. Since I am graduating this year, I am eligible for the Public Service grad recruitment and completed my application last week. This afternoon I was invited to the next step which is completing an online test sometime this weekend. I am not working tomorrow (PD Day – so I have no place to be), so I will be writing it when Max is at daycare. We will see where this goes….

Thing #3 – Teach the Teacher

I have a couple of courses to take this month and next. The first one is next weekend for a safety course (I’m being vague on purpose) and the one next month is to finally take the Club Coach training course for Sprints/Hurdles. Being a certified coach is a two step process. First I have to take the weekend-long course, then I have to be evaluated. After all that, I can finally say I do officially know something about track and field, and will be able to comment more about that on here. Right now I am not comfortable as I am not certified. Should be fun!

Finally – a picture of my “work”



Happy Thursday!!

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  1. Nicole

    That’s a lot of outfit changes! I usually have 2-3: work outfit, comfy outfit as soon as I get home and a workout outfit. Sometimes I have 4 if I am going somewhere after work and I don’t want to be overdressed so I’ll bring jeans to change into.

    Good luck on your test! I’m sure you will rock it.


    Happy Thursday to you! You have lots going on, Rebecca! I’m glad you had a little time to tell us about all of it!
    That course to certify you as a sprint/hurdling coach sounds really fun and a lot of work. 🙂


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