Wednesday Confessions

I like how Olive to Run always posts her lil confessions posts from time to time. So I figured I would ‘borrow’ her style and let you in on a couple things.


Confession: Driving without direction

Yesterday I had to work on the “other side of the world” which is what I call Barrhaven (which I also call Farhaven). It is a suburb of Ottawa on the opposite end of the city from Orleans. It is a pain in the butt to get to from my end of town. When you drive to Barrhaven from the city, you go through the greenbelt area, which means for a few KM’s you drive on a road surrounded by fields and then BOOM, you are in a suburb. When you get there, all the roads are those typical suburban roads that do not make much sense, and one gets lost rather easily. In fact, I joked on twitter about getting lost in Barrhaven. So – I jumped in the car and went to Barrhaven without bothering to look at a map first. I realized my error once I drove up Woodroffe. So I whipped out the GPS on my phone and attempted to get directions. Apparently my GPS (which is powered by Google Maps) does not speak Barrhaven and totally took me on a roundabout way to the school. When I left the school, I tweeted “Riverside or Hunt Club” as I considered my route home to the east end by avoiding the highway. I did not tweet at all that night, so it kind of appeared that I did actually get lost in Barrhaven. I did not – I survived!

and sorry Barrhaven people – you have nothing on Orleans!


Confession: My impressive heel collection

Want to see how many pairs of heels I own?








That is right – two. Two pairs of heels. I just don’t like heels – so I rarely wear them. If I had an office job where I sat more, I would probably be wearing heels more often. But when I am at school, I am up and down stairs, running after children, playing random games of dodgeball and just not sitting in general – so it doesn’t work. Don’t even get me started on how I don’t know how to dress myself, style my hair, etc. I am no Carrie Bradshaw…..



Confession: Sheldon


Yes, I do have a life-sized Sheldon in my office. He keeps me company and makes sure I do my work. Max likes to give him hugs.


Confession: No Halloween (again)

Tomorrow is halloween, but for the second year in a row, I am skipping out on it. Last year I had orchestra practice, so I was able to get Max all dressed up and get some candy out – but I left at 6:45. This year I have track practice and since I work out before practice, I will be gone at 4pm. I don’t think Max is quite ready to go trick or treating (he gets really shy like most toddlers) – but I’m sure he is going to love people coming to the door. I have yet to figure out a costume for him or anything. But I will see what I can find at Target tonight when I go to pick up some candy.


Confession: Umm, say what?

Every time I describe the banana costume I wore on Sunday, I keep saying “Banana Suit” which just sounds dirty. I don’t know why and it is probably just me – but it just sounds bad.

haha, banana suit.


Confession: Working on something big….

You may have seen this vague tweet the other day

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.53.58 AM

I am working on a marathon for the 2014 season, but until I get official word that it is a go – I won’t be saying much about it. Only a few people (and the track team) knows about the plan so far. If it is a go, I will be re-working my entire race schedule, which means saying goodbye to a couple of races that I’ve run almost every year. Stay tuned……


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  1. Nicole

    Haha I have 5 pairs of heels under my desk right now. You are right though- if I had to be on my feet more during the day I would not be wearing heels every day, and certainly not 3-4 inch heels ever!

    LOVE the Sheldon cut out! Such a good show!

    I will be missing most of Halloween too since I have yoga from 6-7pm. I plan on dressing A up before I leave so I can snap a few pictures. Hubby will take her to a couple houses to trick or treat but she is also pretty shy so will much prefer to watch the kids come to our house for candy.

    Marathon- you are crazy! 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Yeah – I am sure Max won’t notice that I’m not there for halloween – it isn’t really a big deal at this age.

      Yes – I am crazy, but it is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that if I don’t do it next year it will be hard to do this particular one ever again.

      1. Nicole

        Exactly- I’m more sad to miss Halloween for me than for her!!

        Sounds like a great opportunity! I hope it works out then!

  2. Kristi

    Can’t wait to hear about the marathon plans…any hints as to which one?

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      The only clue is that I’ve been pretty sure that I would have the opportunity to run this particular marathon for awhile. Still waiting for absolute confirmation though!

  3. olivetorun

    I LOVE this… especially that you only have two pairs of heels. I’m pumped for your about the marathon!!


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