Day in the life – Thursday

It has been a bit since I’ve done a ‘day in the life’ – the last one I did was in September with a Tuesday ‘Day in the life’ edition, which includes my Ottawa U night class. Thursday’s are a more usual day as well – except the work thing. As you all know, I pretty much work part-time now (not by choice!), so my days can be very different from one day to the next. So for this edition of ‘Day in the Life’ – I will take you through a typical Thursday when I only have a part work day


6:45am – Wake up! I choose to not shower first thing in the morning when I don’t have to rush to work. P takes his shower around this time, and I like to get that extra sleep in before Max wakes up. Usually I stay in my bed burrito for a bit – sometimes I check my email/twitter.

7:00am – Max usually wakes up at this time. We watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood and play with our toys while eating breakfast. Max does eat breakfast at daycare, so it usually it just a bit of cereal or something. Some mornings he is tired and just wants to sit on the couch with his blankie for a bit.


7:30am – I get changed and ready to go. I’m usually in jeans and a hoodie in the AM. After I get dressed, I get Max ready for the day.

7:50am – We are off to daycare. Daycare is a 10 minute drive from our house. We listen to music on the way there and say hi to all the buses.

8:15am – Max is dropped off and I head to the Starbucks to enjoy a 50% off latte. Today’s choice is a skinny peppermint mocha – I get the skinny not because of the calorie difference but because I cannot stand the amount of sugar in the full version. I only put a teeny bit of sugar in my coffee – so high sugar lattes just do not taste good.

8:45am – Back at home. Today I am working only two minutes from home, so I do not need to rush. I check emails, read blogs and start writing a blog post. This is really the only point of the day that I am on my computer – I will probably not touch the computer again until the end of the day.

9:30am – Time to shower up and get un-stinky! Because I am working at my usual school, I do not dress up. 50% of the time I am in jeans. If I am on phys ed duty, I am in gym clothes. Last week I was even in my pajamas (spirit day)- totally awkward when the boss-man says ‘nice jammies’. The school I work at is very family-oriented and down-to-earth. Only on parent-teacher interview day will you see the teachers dress up. Also, because it is Track Thursday, my hair will be up by 4pm at the latest, so I do not spend time fixing my hair. I’m lucky if I even brush it….

10:15am – Time to head into work. Today I have no idea what I’m doing – but mostly it will be a mix of worksheets, movies and comments like “please sit down”, and “please be quiet”. But it really depends on who I am assigned to. If I am in phys ed, I have things to do – or if the teacher knows it is me coming in – I might have a lesson to do. It varies quite a bit!

Noon – lunch time! Because I have a workout at 4pm, I am making sure to eat a good lunch. Beef stew is on the menu for today!

12:30pm – Back to work!

3:30pm – Home time! I head back to my house to grab my track bag, eat a snack and head to “The Dome” (our winter location)

4:15pm – Change into workout clothes and get ready for some sweatin’ and swearin’. Today’s workout was all about the arms! Lots of pushups and stuff. Gah!

photo 1

5:15pm – Work out is done. I down a chocolate protein drink, eat a snack and change into my coaching clothes. I meet with my head coach and Ottawa U interns to discuss the plans for practice

5:30pm – Time for practice! We practice for approximately 2 hrs. Sometimes practices go longer, but our Thursday workout is not bad for time. Our practices include: warm-up, leg/arm drills, a technical workout, the running workout and then circuits. Two hours may seem like a long time, but 7:30 always comes super early! I coach anywhere from 5-20 athletes who are mostly in grades 9-10. I used to coach with two other coaches, but now I am on my own with an intern. The head coach stops in from time to time. Tonights practice is interesting because there is not only my group and Sasha/Rich’s group (who have been inside for awhile now), but we also have the distance kids inside now too. It makes for a VERY crowded track (which is only 6 lanes). It takes some coordination and discussions to make it work – and it is the main reason why the public is not allowed to use the track in the evenings.

7:50ish – Practice is done! I say bye to the athletes and head home

8:00 – arrive home. Have to head right back out because we are out of milk and my cesear salad that was picked up for me has no dressing (and we don’t have a bottle of it in the house). I do manage to get a hug and a kiss from Max as he is still up.

8:30 – Arrive back home. Change into comfy clothes and re-tuck Max back into bed because he is up again

9pm – Time for some TV and food. That is right, I do not get a chance to eat the dinner until this time. I’m starving – so I eat chicken wings, salad, chips and a mini chocolate bar or two..



(not the dinner I actually ate – I WISH!)

11pm – Head to bed 😀


That is my typical Thursday!

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    Wow! Busy lady!
    It would be challenging for me to come in to work and not quite know what my responsibilities would be for the day. Do you find it interesting or stressful?
    I DO NOT like it when I have to go BACK out for anything! You sound way more patient than me about that!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thursday’s are my busiest day! If I work a whole day – I do not stop until about 8:30 – and because I do a heavy workout, I’m very very tired by then 🙂

      I don’t mind not knowing what I will be doing. The benefit of being put back to supply teaching after teaching full-time for 4+ years is that I’ve taught most of the material before – so I can easily adapt. When I am assigned to grades 6-8, it is expected that I teach just as if they had their usual teacher – so sometimes that can be a bit stressful. In high school, it is quite a bit of movies and worksheets, which makes for a very boring workday. If I am assigned to a teacher that knows me, they usually give me lessons with a bit more meat to it, which I appreciate. I have to cover my friend’s English class during the first week of December and we are already planning on what the class will be doing – so I will be teaching an actual class, not a ‘worksheet class’ (if that makes sense!)

      Haha – if I didn’t go out, I would have no salad dressing which would mean no salad. I have tons of patience – I have to have lots of it


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