Don’t you just hate pants?

It is that time of year again – winter.  Boo!

With winter approaching, it is time to haul out the winter clothes and bundle up. Dressing for work today was a bit of an experience because I found out that all of my pants are way too big for me – as well as my belt.

Yup – I know, first world problems and lucky me.


But still – I am definitely regretting donating all of my “skinny clothes” that I thought I would never fit in again. Well, I could have fit in them and not be wearing pants that are on the verge of falling down (awkward!). I guess I have to do some shopping, but I do not really have the funds for that. Perhaps I will be lucky and find another pair of $100 pants for $2 at Value Village again.

I just hate pants overall. I do like sweater weather and infinity scarves, but pants are just so restricting! Bring back skirt and capri season!

How I like to dress

How I like to dress


Yesterday at night class we had a few groups complete their presentations on the book we are reading. We are required to conduct a participatory activity with the presentations. The group that went last night conducted an activity involving a card game. We were put into groups and told to read the rules of a card game we would be playing that resembled Hearts and Euchre. To make the game interesting, we were not allowed to keep the rules and no talking was permitted. We started playing and after a few minutes, the winner of that round was told to switch seats, and our group received a new member.

I lost the first round, so my group member switched. I started dealing at this point and almost won the second round. Since we were in a group of three, I was the only person of the original group left, and continued to deal. Finally, I started winning and was a little bit proud of myself (competitive much?!?!).

After the round was finished (I won! yay!) we were told the ‘trick’ of the activity. Everyone was given a different set of rules. So therefore the two people I was sitting with did not really know what game I was playing. But, despite that, they continued to play.

We had a bit of a discussion about it – and I said that I had zero clue that anything funny was going on. Neither new card player looked at me funny or did anything – they just continued to play. My professor thought that was interesting. We kind of came to the realization that it really depended on who was in the group and how dominant they were. So apparently I was very “you sit down and play cards! Roar!”.



Are you a leader or a follower?

Do you like to play cards?

Do you have a pair of skinny jeans that you keep in your closet in the hope that you will fit in them again?

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