Marathon 2014 + Fall Fitness Plan

Happy Tuesday!


So – if you read yesterday’s post, you would have seen that the marathon I will be running next year is the NYC Marathon. Because of the ‘three tries and you’re in’ rule – I will have a guaranteed entry for 2014. Yay!

I am going to answer a few FAQ regarding my choice to run a race I have said over and over again is “not my thing”.


Question 1: I thought you said like a month ago that marathons are not in your future.

Yes – I did say that. Then I forgot about the guaranteed entry rule. The NYC marathon will be changing that rule – and after the 2014 lottery process, that rule will be gone. Meaning – you really do have to try and try to get into the marathon from 2015 and beyond. Since the NYC Marathon is on my life bucket list, I might as well take the opportunity that is given and run it now. But also – I think it is time and I am also in the best physical shape I’ve been in for awhile. So – why not?

Question 2: Why NYC?

I love NYC – the food, the architecture, the museums, Broadway. It is my favourite city in the world. If I am going to run a marathon – might as well be a big one!

However – the bridges and hills are no joke. It will be a challenge!

Question 3: So….no babies in 2014?!?

No – I will not be birthing any babies in 2014. The fact of the matter is we can not afford a second child. I do not work/get paid enough to afford daycare for two children – especially in the job situation I am currently in. It is highly unlikely that I will get a permanent teaching job in 2014, so no baby. Being a Stay-at-home Mom isn’t really an option I like either. Also – to be quite frank, I am not ready for two.

Question 4: What is your plan/goal?

To finish and to have a freakin’ amazing time. I plan on high fiving and fist pumping the s*** out of that race. Sorry for the language – but it is true!

Question 5: What does that mean for your race schedule for next year?

Some big changes! I only ran 5K’s this year – but next year I will be mixing it up! The Mother’s Day Run and Emilie’s Run will remain as 5K races. I am registered for the Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon – which is a big change for me. Rattle me Bones is out, as well as the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Army Run will probably be a half marathon as well – with distance added on (I might do both the 5K and the half that morning). I plan on doing many MEC races – but not too many of the other ones since I will be spending a stupid amount of money running NYC.

Always waiting for traffic lights

That brings me into talking about my Fall/Winter fitness plan

Currently – running is not the focus of my fitness plan. I usually take a big break in winter and do not really start back up until March. P’s Robotics program goes into full swing and it is really hard for me to go on outdoor runs in January/February. However -this year will be a bit different. I am running the Ottawa Race Weekend with my friends who ran the Army Run Half with me last year. One of my friend’s husbands is a Ironman, marathoner and trainer. He has generously offered to coach us and create a running/fitness plan to help us reach our goals. So that is nice! At work, I have Coach C who is a Boston Marathoner and is always willing to help out with training plans. At the track, I have support from all the coaches – who always love to give corrections ;-). All in all, I have loads of people keeping me fit all winter. I also have loads more free time – except on days when daycare closes (like yesterday….grrr).

Weekly Plan:

Monday – Gym – weights and 30 minutes on the treadmill

Wednesday – Gym or outside for a run (30 minutes – which will be increasing)

Thursday – Workout Fun-time at the indoor track – although judging by the amount of swearing, there is nothing fun about it.

Saturday or Sunday – Tempo Runs which will be increasing as the weeks go by

I’ve had to alter the days that Coach J set in the plan – as his plan had my off days on days that I can actually work out (Thursday being one of them – that is track night and you bet I work out). I think this is easily workable. So far the 2-3x a week I’ve been working out has been working. Yesterday I bought a dress in a size I haven’t been able to fit in for years – and my abs are almost back! It is all those damn burpees, lunge jumps, planking, hills that I’ve been doing!

yeah, I look good

yeah, I look good

Have a good Tuesday!

What are your workout plans for the winter season?


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    That dress is amazing! You’re amazing! Wow, mama!
    The NYC marathon sounds like a good race to make an exception for, in my opinion. Especially after reading all of your reasons for running it.
    I need to do some cross training after this coming weekend. I do love winter running, though!

  2. mary

    AWESOME!!! NYC Marathon sounds incredible – good for you to deciding on it.I’d love to do it one day too!
    I know someone else who is running it in 2014 because of the 3 tries and you’re in rule!


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