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I’ve been reading quite a few race recaps from this weekend – way to go Kristi (and Evan!), Stephanie, Jesica, and Meghan on great races!! Woohoo!


This weekend was a bit of a busy one. On Friday, Max and I were home alone because P had a engineering function to go to (he teachers robotics, he is not an engineer although he probably should have been one). I ordered in Thai food, and it was amazing!  I watched a bit of Dark Knight Rises and was in bed by 10:30pm – sweet!

On Saturday, P was working at his parents place as the house has been sold and therefore some work needs to get done. Max and I went to Westboro to try and find David’s Tea 24 days of Christmas Advent Calendar. No dice, it was sold out in a day. The online sale started Friday morning, and stock was gone by 9am. Sorry – but I was in the middle of driving downtown at that point for work, so online ordering could not happen. In hindsight I should have just risked getting stuck in traffic and stopped by the Glebe location on Friday, since I was right there. Instead I dared to go to Westboro on Saturday morning to pick one up. We got there at 11am and no more calendars 🙁 Darn! I posted this on twitter when I got back:

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 2.28.49 PM


So – we made a morning of people watching and eating breakfast in Westboro. We found a small bar and grill that was serving a $7 breakfast, which is more than enough for Max and I. I also ordered some sausage for Max because he is obsessed with breakfast sausage – it is all he ever wants to eat. When we were walking to find breakfast, he was waving at all the people in the stores. This continued in the restaurant as we had a window seat and he continued waving. He also was shouting “BUM!!!!” at the top of his lungs much to the embarrassment of his mother. The breakfast was yummy – Max ate three sausages, toast, eggs and a few hashbrowns. He also downed an apple juice from a glass (!!). The restaurant did not charge us for the juice or my coffee, so it was surprisingly cheap.
So – the title of today’s post is unrecognizable. On Saturday I had to go to my track and field club’s annual banquet and award’s ceremony. It is a semi-formal event, meaning that we all get out of our athletic wear and dress up for once. I wore the dress that I showed you all last week with heels. Sadly, I did not take a picture at all that evening (see, I’m a bad blogger). But, I will tell you that I indeed wore a dress, wore heels AND actually styled my hair n’stuff (meaning I put eye shadow on). My “trackies” have only seen me in athletic clothes (maybe jeans) and with very minimal make-up on. I also usually have my hair up – not styled. A couple of people did not recognize me at first because apparently I looked all different when I dressed “like a girl” or “wearing something other than sweat pants”.

Although the dress was very comfortable and did not bother me – the heels were awful. The next morning my legs hurt more than they do the morning after a 5K race. Ridiculous! As I was reading some blogs that morning, I came across Olive to Run’s post on running in an airport with heels on. Made me laugh! She posted this picture which totally explains the way I feel:



Although I do very rarely wear hoodies (I will wear a nice top or sweater) – the rest fits me like a t. Actually, my hair is usually just like that…..

What are earrings??

I’m kidding

Or am I….

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  1. Amy

    Whoah. What is so special about David’sTea Advent calendars? Clearly something awesome if you can see a unicorn! And what a great breakfast place that does not charge for coffee and juice 🙂 I have to go to NYC for work with my company next month (we are all on the same flight) and I am worried I will have to dress nice for the plane. And it is a month away!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I don’t know – the surprise of having a new tea to try every day? But to sell out in a morning – crazy!!

      Apparently if I have to travel with the track team next summer, I have to dress up for the plane ride?!? Whyyyy

  2. Nicole

    Oh darn- you should recreate the banquet outfit and take a picture! If you don’t blog/IG it it didn’t happen!! Haha!!

    Yah heels are killer if you aren’t used to them. My feet are killing me right now from flip flops after not wearing sandals for a couple months.

    This David’s tea calendar sounds awesome! I’m not surprised it’s completely sold out though. Great deal on breakfast with Max though!


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